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    Publication Date: 5/30/2017
    Name: Mayur Upadhyaya
    Title: Senior Director Advanced
    Company: Janrain
    Topics: Digital Privacy & Security; Ad Blocking
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Consumers in Europe aren’t just using ad blockers to get rid of annoying pop-ups. Mayur Upadhyaya, senior director advanced at Janrain, discusses another concern that has driven the rise of ad blocking in the region.
    Publication Date: 5/1/2017
    Name: Bernhard Baumann
    Title: CEO
    Company: Shpock
    Topics: Mcommerce; Mobile Apps; Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Demographics: Millennials
    Context: Bernhard Baumann, CEO of consumer-to-consumer (C2C) mcommerce app Shpock, spoke with eMarketer about how the app sets itself apart from the likes of eBay and Gumtree in Europe.
    Publication Date: 4/13/2016
    Name: Maria del Carmen Fernández González
    Title: CEO
    Company: Infinitum Ecommerce
    Topics: Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: China; Russia; Spain; United Arab Emirates; Western Europe
    Industries: Luxury Goods
    Demographics: Affluent
    Context: High-end brands may have been slow to contemplate online sales, but many are now taking the plunge. Maria del Carmen Fernández González, CEO at Infinitum Ecommerce in Spain, spoke to eMarketer’s Karin von Abrams about the obstacles luxury brands face in a world transformed by digital channels, and how they can boost their appeal to target audiences.
    Publication Date: 6/1/2017
    Name: Julian Childs
    Title: Managing Director, UK and Europe
    Company: Business Insider
    Topics: Digital Content; Ad Blocking
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: Julian Childs, managing director of UK and Europe for Business Insider, discusses the contrast between ad blocking in the desktop and mobile environments.
    Publication Date: 2/23/2017
    Name: Chris Welsh
    Title: Vice President, TV and Sport, EMEA
    Company: MPP Global Solutions
    Topics: Digital Video; TV; Digital Video Advertising; TV Advertising
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: Chris Welsh, vice president of TV and Sport for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at MPP Global Solutions, talks about the efforts of traditional broadcasters in the UK to reach digitally savvy audiences.
    Publication Date: 6/30/2016
    Name: Tim Elkington
    Title: Chief Strategy Officer
    Company: Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK)
    Topics: Digital Advertising; Digital Ad Spending
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: Tim Elkington, chief strategy officer at the IAB UK, spoke with eMarketer about the UK's vote to exit the European Union and some of the potential effects it could have on the country's digital advertising industry.
    Publication Date: 6/8/2016
    Name: François-Xavier Préaut
    Title: Regional Director, Sales, Southern Europe
    Company: Outbrain
    Topics: Content Marketing; Native Advertising
    Geographies: France; Italy; Spain
    Context: François-Xavier Préaut, regional director of sales for Southern Europe at Outbrain, talked to eMarketer’s Marcus Plieninger about the importance of native advertising and the evolution of content marketing.
    Publication Date: 2/7/2018
    Name: Jeremy Hlavacek
    Title: Head of Global Automated Monetization, Watson Advertising
    Company: IBM
    Topics: Marketing Technology; Digital Media Buying
    Geographies: United States
    Context: Diverting resources from ad sales to data is a hard sell
    Publication Date: 7/21/2017
    Name: Olivier Thirion de Briel
    Title: Global Solutions Marketing Director
    Company: HID Global
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Industries: Digital Banking; Banking
    Context: Olivier Thirion de Briel, global solutions marketing director at secure identity solutions provider HID Global, discusses the impact that the Second Payment Services Directive could have on digital banking in the UK.
    Publication Date: 7/10/2017
    Name: Kevin Lee
    Title: Co-Founder and Chairman
    Company: Didit
    Topics: Search Marketing; Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Geographies: Worldwide; United States
    Context: Kevin Lee, co-founder and chairman of Didit, discusses the potential challenges for content management providers and international brands following the EU's $2.7 billion antitrust fine against Google.
    Publication Date: 6/2/2017
    Name: Ander Orcasitas
    Title: General Manager, Asia-Pacific
    Company: Dynamic Yield
    Topics: Targeting; Personalization
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Dynamic Yield's Ander Orcasitas and Mukund Ramachandran discuss the unique challenges in personalizing brand experiences and identifying customers across channels in Asia-Pacific.
    Publication Date: 5/31/2017
    Title: Eight digital ad industry executives on the front line of the ad blocking crisis in the UK
    Topics: Digital Advertising; Mobile Advertising; Ad Blocking
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: Eight digital ad industry executives discuss the extent of ad blocking in the UK, its impact on existing business models, and how publishers and advertisers are attempting to counter the threat.
    Publication Date: 5/26/2017
    Name: Christian Konig
    Title: Founder
    Company: Finanzpro
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Industries: Digital Banking; Insurance; Finance
    Context: Christian König, a former investment banker and current social media and content marketing consultant for financial products, talks with eMarketer about the rapid development of the financial technology sector in Southeast Asia.
    Publication Date: 5/9/2017
    Name: Nishtha Mehta
    Title: Founder
    Company: CollabCentral Consulting
    Topics: Digital Retail Practices; Consumer Behavior
    Geographies: China
    Industries: Retail
    Context: Nishtha Mehta, founder of CollabCentral Consulting, explains what Alibaba's "new retail" strategy means for the future of retail in China.
    Publication Date: 4/27/2017
    Name: Shuba Krishnan
    Title: Director, Business Development
    Company: Innity
    Topics: Digital Display Advertising; Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Shuba Krishnan, director of business development at ad tech firm Innity, discusses the challenges facing display advertising in Southeast Asia.
    Publication Date: 4/4/2017
    Name: Yoav Oz
    Title: Co-Founder
    Company: Spotad
    Topics: Mobile Advertising; Big Data; Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Geographies: China
    Context: Yoav Oz, co-founder of Spotad, which touts itself as the first Western demand-side platform (DSP) to enter China, talks about setting up in the country.
    Publication Date: 3/10/2017
    Name: Scott Meyer
    Title: Co-Founder and CEO
    Company: Evidon
    Topics: Big Data
    Geographies: United States
    Context: Scott Meyer and Todd Ruback of compliance services company Evidon discuss what marketers doing business in the EU need to know about new data protection rules.
    Publication Date: 2/15/2017
    Name: Nicolas Lihou
    Title: Head of Global Sales Enablement
    Company: Xerox
    Topics: B2B Sales; B2B Social Media
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: At Xerox, social selling is part of a larger sales enablement program designed to increase sales productivity, resulting in larger contracts and faster closing.
    Publication Date: 12/5/2016
    Name: Leanne Johnson
    Title: Head of Social
    Company: GoPro
    Topics: Mobile Messaging; Social Media Marketing; Influencer Marketing
    Geographies: United States
    Context: Leanne Johnson, head of social at camera company GoPro, talks about how the brand is preparing for 2017.
    Publication Date: 10/26/2016
    Name: Mudit Jaju
    Title: Head of Ecommerce, EMEA, and Digital and Data Partner
    Company: MEC Global
    Topics: Holiday & Seasonal Shopping
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Industries: Apparel & Accessories
    Context: Mudit Jaju, head of ecommerce in EMEA for media agency network MEC Global, spoke with eMarketer about the evolving UK holiday shopping season.
    Publication Date: 10/6/2016
    Name: Arun Pattabhiraman
    Title: Vice President, Global Head of Marketing
    Company: InMobi
    Topics: Digital Video Ad Spending; Mobile Ad Spending; Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: India
    Context: Arun Pattabhiraman, vice president and global head of marketing for mobile advertising platform InMobi, explains how digital advertising in India is chipping away at traditional media ad spending thanks to the country's growth in smartphone users.
    Publication Date: 8/9/2016
    Name: Dirk Eschenbacher
    Title: Founding Partner
    Company: Zanadu
    Topics: Virtual & Augmented Reality
    Geographies: China
    Industries: Travel
    Context: Dirk Eschenbacher, founding partner of Zanadu, a China-based lifestyle online travel agency and online lifestyle media company, talks about the virtual reality (VR) market in China.
    Publication Date: 5/31/2016
    Name: Johnny Ryan
    Title: Head of Ecosystem
    Company: PageFair
    Topics: Ad Blocking
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: Johnny Ryan, head of ecosystem at counter-ad-blocking technology firm PageFair, spoke with eMarketer about the company's new research in global mobile ad blocking habits.
    Publication Date: 4/13/2016
    Name: Javier Calvar
    Title: COO
    Company: Albatross Global Solutions
    Topics: Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Industries: Luxury Goods
    Demographics: Affluent
    Context: Javier Calvar, chief operating officer of Albatross Global Solutions, discusses the challenges facing luxury brands as they attempt to extend their appeal in digital channels.
    Publication Date: 2/23/2016
    Name: Jeremy Hlavacek
    Title: Vice President, Global Automated Monetization
    Company: The Weather Company
    Topics: Digital Video Advertising; Ad Blocking
    Geographies: United States
    Context: Jeremy Hlavacek, vice president of global automated monetization at The Weather Company, discusses the environment that leads to consumers adopting ad blockers and why brands, advertisers and publishers have to listen to the concerns of their consumer base.