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    Publication Date: 5/11/2018
    Topics: Total Media Ad Spending
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Europe’s ad market is in flux. Most ad spending in the region is still directed toward traditional media, but advertisers are quickly shifting their budgets to digital. That’s no surprise, given that 70.7% of the region’s population will use the internet at least once per month in 2018.
    Publication Date: 11/7/2017
    Topics: Mobile Apps
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Ad fraud’s not going away anytime soon. And a July 2017 survey of app marketers in Europe by InMobi found that invalid traffic from bots and scripts remains their top concern.
    Publication Date: 8/29/2017
    Topics: Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Brand safety remains a primary concern among programmatic ad buyers in Central and Eastern Europe, and is a rising anxiety for ad sellers, according to a recent study by ad tech firm TailWind.
    Publication Date: 8/24/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: BlaBlaCar is getting some help when it comes to staying top of mind among long-distance travelers in Europe, with users now able to book rides through Google Maps.
    Publication Date: 8/16/2017
    Topics: Social Commerce; Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: In what could pose a challenge to consumer-to-consumer platforms like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook is expanding its C2C ecommerce platform, Marketplace, across Europe.
    Publication Date: 7/20/2017
    Topics: Loyalty Programs; Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Europe
    Industries: Apparel & Accessories
    Context: Fashion-focused European ecommerce heavyweight Zalando is launching an Amazon Prime-like paid membership program as it looks to keep ahead of its hard-charging US rival’s share of the region’s digital commerce.
    Publication Date: 6/2/2017
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: While ride-hailing apps fight local regulators to stay in business in Europe, other mobility services are taking a more collaborative approach to improve transportation options.
    Publication Date: 5/26/2017
    Geographies: Europe
    Industries: Sports
    Context: When esports fans in Europe log in to watch this weekend’s World of Tanks Grand Finals in Moscow, they’ll be part of a fast-growing niche market expected to be worth nearly $350 million by next year.
    Publication Date: 5/25/2017
    Topics: Digital Ad Spending
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Digital ad spending in Europe swelled by 12.2% in 2016 to nearly €41.8 billion, according to IAB Europe and IHS Markit, with spending gains seen in all 27 countries tracked.
    Publication Date: 5/11/2017
    Topics: Internet of Things (IoT)
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: A trio of industry groups is calling on the European Commission to carefully consider changes to the EU’s electronic communications regulations over concerns they might hamper the development of the region’s internet of things (IoT) sector.
    Publication Date: 2/3/2017
    Topics: Mobile Messaging; Social Media Marketing
    Geographies: Europe; France; United Kingdom
    Context: Messaging apps are popular in Western Europe, and Facebook dominates the space in leading countries like the UK and France with its Messenger and WhatsApp services. But user privacy concerns have caught the attention of EU regulators, and upcoming changes to the European Commission’s ePrivacy Directive are set to rein in those platforms’ data-gathering—and possibly their monetization efforts.
    Publication Date: 7/28/2016
    Topics: Social Media Usage; Time Spent with Media
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Affluent young adults in Europe spend about 40 minutes using social media each day. That’s far more time than their older counterparts, but represents only a quarter of all their online time.
    Publication Date: 5/18/2016
    Topics: Performance Benchmarks; Content Marketing
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Three-quarters of marketers in Europe use the number of visits to their websites as a measuring stick for content effectiveness, more than any other metric. Only half measure success in terms of sales.
    Publication Date: 2/17/2016
    Topics: Paid Search; Search Ad Spending
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Google remains the most popular and ubiquitous search engine when it comes to paid search advertising in Europe. From Q4 2014 to Q4 2015, Google’s share of paid search ad spending rose somewhat, while Bing/Yahoo held steady.
    Publication Date: 7/10/2018
    Geographies: France; Germany; United Kingdom
    Demographics: Affluent; Millennials
    Context: The emergence of millennials with significant disposable income is a key demographic trend across Western Europe, and it is already having a dramatic effect.
    Publication Date: 1/18/2018
    Topics: Internet of Things (IoT); Digital Shoppers & Buyers
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Anyone involved with digital marketing faces big challenges in 2018, as several major developments loom. New EU rules will restrict data gathering and handling, while ecommerce harmonization will impose new standards for retail and delivery across the region.
    Publication Date: 9/1/2017
    Topics: Radio
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: UK-based Radioplayer recently announced that it will soon put smart radios in Audi automobiles, while Radio France has plans to let its listeners curate their own mix of the public service broadcaster’s content.
    Publication Date: 8/2/2017
    Topics: Digital Travel Sales
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Industries: Digital Travel
    Context: Digital travel sales’ rise in Western Europe will decelerate to a relatively slow 5.7% in 2017, according to eMarketer’s latest look at the region’s travel-related ecommerce activity. But there will be a few standout markets.
    Publication Date: 7/19/2017
    Topics: Digital Privacy & Security
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: Internet users in Great Britain are more aligned with their US counterparts when it comes to online safety concerns when compared with peers in Germany, France and the Nordics.
    Publication Date: 6/30/2017
    Geographies: Sweden; United Kingdom
    Industries: Digital Health
    Context: Universal healthcare may be the norm in Europe, but that hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs from offering digital alternatives to government-led systems. This week, investors gave two services—Your.MD in the UK and Sweden’s Kry—cash infusions to help meet growing consumer interest in do-it-yourself healthcare tools.
    Publication Date: 6/26/2017
    Topics: Time Spent with Media
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: eMarketer expects that digital will draw the largest share of adults’ time spent with media in France and Germany for the first time in 2017. And in the UK, digital will come close to attracting a majority share of total media time.
    Publication Date: 5/17/2017
    Topics: Marketing Measurement Surveys
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: The idea that brands and their agencies would work together to set a digital campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs) would seem a given. But beyond that, philosophies get harder to reconcile. A recent survey of senior brand marketing and agency professionals in France, Germany and the UK found little consensus about what campaign KPIs should be.
    Publication Date: 4/10/2017
    Topics: Mobile Payments
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Many consumers in Western Europe still hesitate to use mobile payment technology. But that behavior is changing, according to a recent forecast.
    Publication Date: 3/28/2017
    Topics: Retail Sales
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Industries: Consumer Products (CPG)
    Context: The market for FMCG products across nine major countries in Western Europe was valued at €499 billion in 2016.
    Publication Date: 3/23/2017
    Topics: Video Games
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Industries: Sports
    Context: The esports market is growing rapidly, and some of Europe’s biggest sporting brands have taken note.
    Publication Date: 3/17/2017
    Topics: Computers; Tablets
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: More than 23 million slate tablets were shipped in Western Europe last year, but that number will decline each succeeding year, while shipments of ultraslim notebooks and detachable tablets will rise.
    Publication Date: 3/15/2017
    Topics: Cross-Border Ecommerce
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Almost every country in Europe—whether in the EU or not—has different opportunities and challenges associated with cross-border ecommerce.
    Publication Date: 3/13/2017
    Topics: Virtual & Augmented Reality
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Spending on augmented reality and virtual reality in Western Europe will reach $2.5 billion in 2017, a 131% increase over 2016.
    Publication Date: 2/22/2017
    Topics: Digital Privacy & Security; Promotions
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: In privacy-alert Western Europe, a surprising finding: Some 82% of internet users surveyed by Retail Week and Osborne Clarke said they are comfortable receiving personalized offers and pricing based on their online search and purchase history.
    Publication Date: 1/16/2017
    Topics: Digital Video
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: eMarketer forecasts that the number of digital video viewers in Western Europe will reach 219.0 million in 2017, representing over half the total population.
    Publication Date: 12/16/2016
    Topics: Video-on-Demand (VOD)
    Geographies: Russia; Central & Eastern Europe
    Context: The number of paid subscription video-on-demand subscribers in Central and Eastern Europe grew by 2.25 million in 2016. Russia is the largest market, with about 2.5 million subscribers.
    Publication Date: 12/13/2016
    Topics: Digital Video
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: France and Germany lag much of the region, where roughly two-thirds of internet users watch digital video.
    Publication Date: 12/12/2016
    Topics: Time Spent with Media
    Geographies: France; Germany; United Kingdom
    Context: Individuals in France, Germany and the UK are spending increasingly more time with media, largely due to media multitasking on smartphones.
    Publication Date: 11/30/2016
    Topics: Marketing Measurement Surveys
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Industries: Apparel & Accessories
    Context: Most retailers in the fashion sector say innovation is very important to them. But new features may come at the expense of customer experience.
    Publication Date: 11/29/2016
    Topics: Mobile Messaging
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Mobile phone messaging apps will be used by more than 149 million consumers in Western Europe in 2016, according to eMarketer’s worldwide mobile phone messaging app forecast.
    Publication Date: 10/18/2016
    Topics: Digital Privacy & Security
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: European organizations face a complicated task when it comes to collecting customers’ personal information. While many consumers oppose such practices, other research suggests they are willing to trade personal details in exchange for the right incentives. This is complicating marketers’ decision-making as they try to square customers’ desire for confidentiality with data-gathering efforts.
    Publication Date: 10/5/2016
    Topics: Video-on-Demand (VOD)
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: In several countries in Western Europe, spending on VOD subscriptions is already high—and in Italy and Spain, for example, spending has more than doubled since last year. According to one estimate, nearly half of all home video spending will go toward SVOD by 2018.
    Publication Date: 7/20/2016
    Topics: Pay TV
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Cord-cutting does not appear to be putting a dent in the Western European market for TV subscriptions, with digital options including digital cable and pay IPTV continuing to add subscribers.
    Publication Date: 7/11/2016
    Topics: Native Advertising
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: Most internet users in Western Europe dislike traditional digital ad formats like banners, and many are installing ad blocking software on their devices. In response, marketers increasingly aim to engage audiences with native advertising, a more contextually relevant, content-based experience.
    Publication Date: 6/15/2016
    Topics: Sharing Economy
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: Sharing economy revenues in Europe grew massively from 2013 to 2015. Both accommodations and transportation account for large slices of the pie.
    Publication Date: 6/9/2016
    Topics: Social Media Users
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: More than half the population of Western Europe will be using social networks by 2019, but adoption rates across the region are surprisingly diverse, and growth rate are also slowing according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.
    Publication Date: 5/19/2016
    Topics: Internet Users
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Demographics: Millennials
    Context: An April 2016 survey found that 67% of young adults in Western Europe switch devices in the course of viewing video content, compared to 46% of total adults.
    Publication Date: 4/29/2016
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Demographics: Affluent
    Context: Millions of consumers in Western Europe have significant disposable income, and most are attracted to some extent by upmarket goods and services. Yet many high-end brands are just starting to appeal successfully to affluent consumers on digital platforms.
    Publication Date: 4/19/2016
    Topics: Pay TV
    Geographies: Western Europe
    Context: An April 2016 report found that there were 97.4 million pay TV subscriptions in 2015, a figure set to rise to 104.3 million in 2021. Household penetration is also going up.
    Publication Date: 4/5/2016
    Topics: Tablet Users
    Geographies: United Kingdom
    Context: The once fast-growing tablet market in Western Europe will tail off as Europeans increasingly choose large-screen smartphones as their primary mobile device, eMarketer predicts.
    Publication Date: 3/29/2016
    Topics: Tablet Users
    Geographies: Central & Eastern Europe
    Context: The tablet population in Central and Eastern Europe will reach nearly 80 million this year, eMarketer estimates, as the markets in Turkey, the Czech Republic and Russia continue growing at double-digit rates.
    Publication Date: 7/18/2018
    Topics: Digital Video; Video-on-Demand (VOD); Pay TV
    Geographies: Worldwide; United States; Norway; Germany; Australia; France; Asia-Pacific; Europe
    Context: Nearly 765 million people across the globe will use a subscription over-the-top video service at least once per month this year, according to our latest forecast. This total will represent 10.2% of the global population and 32.1% of digital video viewers.
    Publication Date: 5/23/2018
    Topics: Marketing Technology
    Geographies: Europe
    Context: Many users want companies to delete their passport and social security information, but few demand their location data be redacted, according to a study by Capgemini.
    Publication Date: 5/22/2018
    Topics: Digital Privacy & Security
    Geographies: Worldwide; Europe
    Context: With the deadline for GDPR fast approaching, we speak with Richard Reeves, managing director of the UK's Association of Online Publishers, about the challenges publishers face in dealing with the new privacy rules. The regulations, he says, may be the most significant change the advertising and media sectors have faced in a generation.
    Publication Date: 4/24/2018
    Topics: Digital Privacy & Security
    Geographies: United States; Europe
    Context: Google's latest quarterly results suggest advertisers are not slowing their digital ad spending in the face of a deepening public debate over data privacy.