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    DEC 21, 2017

    Luis Spencer Freitas, digital marketing director at Pernod Ricard USA, explains what will drive greater innovation in display advertising next year.

    Luis Spencer Freitas
    Digital Marketing Director
    Pernod Ricard USA
    DEC 21, 2017

    That means it’s harder for fraudulent parties to profit by buying sophisticated fraud traffic and showing display ads to those visitors, because the cost of acquired traffic has gone up greater than many display CPMs. eMarketer: What are your expectations for 2018? Tiffany: In 2017, we saw a tremendous amount of inventory spoofing, or counterfeiting.

    Michael Tiffany
    Co-Founder and President
    White Ops
    JUN 1, 2018

    The bad guys are tweaking how they utilize malware

    Amit Joshi
    Director, Product and Data Science
    MAR 21, 2018

    Blockchain and coin mining are finding new uses

    Jordan Hoffner
    Salon Media Group
    DEC 20, 2017

    Patrick Jones, global vice president and general manager of partnerships for Oracle Data Cloud, discusses how he expects agencies and brands to evolve their use of audience data sets in the coming year.

    Patrick Jones
    Global Vice President and General Manager, Partnerships
    Oracle Data Cloud
    DEC 19, 2017

    Radoslaw Dobrolecki, US business development director at RTB House, discusses how artificial intelligence can help predict customer behavior at scale.

    Radoslaw Dobrolecki
    US Business Development Director
    RTB House
    OCT 26, 2018

    Is it still a threat to the advertising industry?

    Chase Buckle, Vicky Foster, Andrew Mason, Gabe Morazan, Phil Stelter, Justin Taylor, Daniel Wilkinson
    Senior Trend Analyst, Digital Commercial Director, Media Operations Director, EMEA, Senior Product Manager, Digital Governance, Managing Director and Chief Media Officer, Managing Director, UK, Global Head of Paid Media
    GlobalWebIndex (GWI), Bauer Media Group, Digitas UK, Crownpeak, Syzygy, Teads, Jellyfish
    SEP 26, 2017

    Eunice Kim, media planner at Toyota North America, talks about the evolution of programmatic advertising.

    Eunice Kim
    Media Planner
    Toyota North America
    SEP 10, 2018

    Messenger display ads can be very interruptive and a little bit invasive. A display ad in the Facebook News Feed is like advertising on the radio. But a display ad in Messenger is like advertising in the middle of a phone call. That doesn't mean don't do it. It means brands should recognize that dynamic and respect it. What messages would be welcome in that scenario?

    Liz Cole
    Vice President, Group Director of Social Strategy
    APR 25, 2018

    Now that more than 80% of digital display ads are being bought programmatically, some media companies are eliminating the silos between their direct and automated advertising departments. Chris Wexler, executive director of media and analytics at ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, spoke with eMarketer’s Ross Benes about how the growth in automated advertising is leading companies to reorganize themselves.

    Chris Wexler
    Executive Director, Media and Analytics
    APR 3, 2018

    The programmatic trend to watch

    Tammy Le
    Head of Product Marketing, Adobe Advertising Cloud
    DEC 14, 2018

    Programmatic is now the primary mechanism for buying digital display ads in the US, and this form of automation is increasingly being extended to traditional channels such as TV, audio and out-of home (OOH). eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher recently spoke with Amanda Martin, director of enterprise partnerships at buy-side digital partner Goodway Group about why it’s a no-brainer for programmatic buyers to bring

    Amanda Martin
    Director of Enterprise Partnerships
    Goodway Group
    OCT 11, 2018

    They have high expectations

    John Egan
    Head of Demand, EMEA
    MoPub, a Twitter company
    FEB 28, 2018

    Header bidding has become really popular with display advertising. Why hasn’t it taken off with video? Video header bidding was a buzzword of 2017. But it’s just not there and it didn’t scale up. A lot of times it is because of technical issues and resource constraints from the publishers. Can you elaborate? For some reason, publishers have difficulty getting header bidding live with video.

    Brian Rifkin
    JW Player
    DEC 18, 2017

    Ian McKee, founder and CEO of Singapore-based Vuulr, explains the value of blockchain technology—and the threat it poses to the structure of traditional digital advertising.

    Ian McKee
    Founder and CEO
    AUG 28, 2018

    You see the same thing in digital—ads that are native, like Facebook ads, have an advantage over display ads, which are off to the side, and you try not to look at them. Podcasts ads are a very native form of advertising. Simplisafe advertises on The Bill Simmons Podcast, which is one of the biggest ones out there. How did you decide this podcast was a good fit?

    Alex Shear
    Director of Acquisition
    NOV 16, 2017

    It’s a lot more appealing to the audiences than just a plain static display ad. “Some clients have their own benchmarks, and this is where some are being too demanding.” eMarketer: As ad formats evolve, how have the conversations you’re having with brands changed? Ferguson: Some clients have their own benchmarks, and this is where some are being too demanding.

    Germaine Ng Ferguson
    General Manager, Integrated Solutions and Analysis
    MAY 17, 2018

    If it’s a display ad, it might be a click. If it’s a social platform like Facebook, it might be a "like.". How do brands typically measure these types of engagements? Some brands look at a basic volume count of total engagements. For example, they might see that they have 1.2 million customer engagements this quarter, and they’ll benchmark it against prior quarters.

    Jennifer Zeszut
    Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer
    JUN 21, 2018

    There are four main types of advertising units on Amazon: headline ads, sponsored product ads, standard display ads and product listing ads. The two that power Amazon's advertising business today are headline ads and sponsored product ads. The reason they drive most of Amazon's business is that, unlike display advertising, they're tied to search.

    Cooper Smith
    Director, Amazon Research
    Gartner L2
    JUN 6, 2018

    You as the marketer see there's a halo effect across channels, whether it's voice, display advertising, search or social media—or another channel that comes along in the future. How are you paying off on that engagement so the customer sees the value? How are you respecting their choices and better understanding what they're trying to achieve in their day-to-day lives, and how you can help them?

    Sami Hassanyeh
    Chief Digital Officer
    SEP 13, 2018

    If someone is on the internet and hits a display ad, starts interacting with the site and then signs up for an email, we have that information and are able to know what products they’ve been searching for. With what we know of their previous engagement on the site, we could deliver a personalized email.

    Stephen Driscoll, Brent Christensen, Victoria Vaynberg, Harris Beber
    Vice President, Marketing , Director, Digital Marketing for Email and Push, CMO, CMO
    AARP,, Resy, Vimeo
    JUN 21, 2018

    The moment isn't all that matters

    Nadya Kohl
    Executive Vice President, Business Development and Marketing
    SEP 12, 2017

    The campaign was promoted with display ads that led respondents to a landing page telling them to message a specific number via WhatsApp [to get started]. “This generation is not too afraid of data privacy. To them, the benefit was greater than the loss of personal data or their mobile number.”

    Tim Keller
    Executive Director, Brand Strategy and Innovation
    Kolle Rebbe
    AUG 6, 2018

    Even in spite of its inherent cost

    Bennett Hong
    CTO and Co-Founder
    Jingshuo Technology Group