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    Publication Date: 8/30/2017
    Topics: Smartphones
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Shipments of Android smartphones dominated Australia in the second quarter of the year, thanks to the launch of new devices running the OS.
    Publication Date: 6/29/2017
    Topics: Ad Blocking
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Research shows that Australia is bucking the trend of increased ad blocker usage. Whether this is a short-term aberration or a long-standing trend remains to be seen.
    Publication Date: 5/10/2017
    Topics: Social Media Marketing
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Facebook seems to keep getting more important as a marketing channel in Australia. And this is especially true for those operating in the fashion and travel sectors.
    Publication Date: 5/4/2017
    Topics: Mobile Shoppers & Buyers
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: According to new research, cross-device transactions represent a growing proportion of ecommerce activity in Australia. Multidevice ownership and mobile commerce are key factors.
    Publication Date: 4/14/2017
    Topics: Wearables
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Australians are excited about wearables thanks in part to the elite athletes that wear them.
    Publication Date: 3/23/2017
    Topics: Digital Ad Spending
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Digital ad spending in Australia rose 23% in 2016, the third straight year that spending rose more than 20%.
    Publication Date: 3/7/2017
    Topics: Video-on-Demand (VOD); Movies
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Fewer internet users in Australia downloaded and streamed pirated movies and TV shows in 2016 vs. 2015.
    Publication Date: 2/27/2017
    Topics: Radio Ad Spending
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Research suggests buyers are increasingly splitting their investments between traditional radio spots and newer programmatic markets, a reflection of changes in consumers’ listening habits.
    Publication Date: 2/23/2017
    Topics: Digital Video; Video-on-Demand (VOD)
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: In Australia, YouTube still leads all other streaming video platforms in terms of viewers and total streams.
    Publication Date: 2/20/2017
    Topics: Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Australia
    Industries: Food & Beverage
    Context: Data from National Australia Bank shows retail ecommerce sales in Australia climbed 10.4% in 2016.
    Publication Date: 10/26/2016
    Topics: Mcommerce
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Mobile commerce is becoming a more regular habit among consumers in Australia. As a result, mobile's share of ecommerce purchases in the country rose significantly between Q4 2015 and Q2 2016.
    Publication Date: 10/3/2016
    Topics: Digital Music; Music
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Research suggests downloads are falling out of favor as a way of accessing digital music among internet users in Australia. Instead, streaming has become consumers’ preferred means for listening to music.
    Publication Date: 9/28/2016
    Topics: TV Ad Spending; Mobile Ad Spending
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: This year, for the first time, mobile will exceed outlays on TV in Australia, according to eMarketer’s latest ad spending forecast. 2016 mobile spending will total $2.71 billion, or 25.3% of total media ad spending in Australia. Meanwhile, TV ad spending in the country will amount to $2.58 billion, or 24.2% of the total.
    Publication Date: 9/22/2016
    Topics: Mobile Internet
    Geographies: Australia
    Demographics: Adults
    Context: About 75% of consumers in Australia access the internet via mobile phone, but that figure is only as low as it is because of those ages 50 and up—61% of those ages 50 to 64 do so, and just 33% of those ages 65 and up do the same, meaning in younger age groups, just about everyone uses the mobile internet.
    Publication Date: 9/8/2016
    Topics: Consumer Attitudes on Marketing; Social Media Usage
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Social media is playing a growing role in the purchasing habits of internet users in Australia, with many mentioning it as a key influence on buying decisions. That’s leading to higher prices for social ads among Australian retailers as they seek to persuade consumers.
    Publication Date: 9/1/2016
    Topics: Loyalty Programs
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Participation in loyalty programs is flat in Australia, and according to 2016 research, the biggest reason for internet users to stop participating in programs is simple: They just aren’t earning points and rewards fast enough.
    Publication Date: 8/12/2016
    Topics: Social Media Marketing; Social Media Usage
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Research suggests Australian media organizations like newspapers, magazines, TV shows and radio stations lead all industries in their ability to generate online conversation and interaction with fans. However, changes in Facebook’s algorithm, which prioritize user content over brand content, may force an adjustment in strategy.
    Publication Date: 8/1/2016
    Topics: Programmatic Ad Spending
    Geographies: Australia; New Zealand
    Context: Programmatic advertising is experiencing rapid growth in Australia and New Zealand, with research suggesting a significant majority of marketers in the country plan to increase their budgets for the format in 2016.
    Publication Date: 7/29/2016
    Topics: Email Marketing; Performance Benchmarks
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Just under half of all marketing emails opened in Australia are opened on a mobile device, according to June 2016 data. Overall, about one in three emails sent are opened.
    Publication Date: 7/6/2016
    Topics: Internet Access Devices
    Geographies: Australia
    Demographics: Adults
    Context: Smartphones are the No. 1 device owned by internet users in Australia, according to January 2016 research. And they’re more popular than desktops, laptops or tablets among all age groups except those over 65. The oldest internet users, meanwhile, are more focused on desktops than any other group.
    Publication Date: 5/5/2016
    Topics: Marketing Technology
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: IT professionals worldwide are embracing the benefits of the cloud. In Australia, many cite increased infrastructure flexibility and agility, as well as eliminating responsibility for maintenance of underlying infrastructure, as leading benefits.
    Publication Date: 5/2/2016
    Topics: Shipping & Delivery
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Digital buyers in Australia expect a lot when it comes to shipment tracking options. However, many retailers are not quite meeting these expectations, according to October 2015 research.
    Publication Date: 4/5/2016
    Topics: Targeting; Marketing Technology; Programmatic Advertising
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Advertisers in Australia report they are increasingly turning to people-based targeting to improve the effectiveness of their online ad campaigns. Many harness data gleaned from first-party sources, as well as from partners and digital ad platforms, to provide more relevant and effective advertising to consumers.
    Publication Date: 3/22/2016
    Topics: Marketing Technology
    Geographies: Australia; New Zealand
    Context: Marketers and IT professionals in Australia and New Zealand believe a number of challenges are holding back successful implementation of marketing technology programs. A lack of integration between different systems, insufficient budgets and a dearth of knowledge about how systems work among marketers are all key obstacles.
    Publication Date: 3/15/2016
    Topics: Digital Video; TV
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: The digital TV audience in Australia appears to be somewhat mature, according to 2015 research. The gender and age breakdowns of the audience are stable, and penetration is not changing much.
    Publication Date: 3/10/2016
    Topics: Shipping & Delivery
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Australia is home to a mature ecommerce market, with a strong majority of internet users participating. And they expect a lot from retailers, research suggests.
    Publication Date: 2/24/2016
    Geographies: Australia
    Industries: Mobile Banking
    Context: About one in three internet users in Australia conduct mobile banking activities, according to 2015 research. Among millennials, reach surpasses 50%.
    Publication Date: 2/19/2016
    Topics: Social Media Usage
    Geographies: Australia
    Demographics: Females; Males; Seniors; Adults
    Context: Both age and gender have an effect on the social media activities of internet users in Australia, with women and younger adults most likely to report daily access to Facebook, the country’s leading social destination. Research also suggests different social sites serve different purposes for the Australian audience.
    Publication Date: 1/15/2016
    Topics: Digital Shoppers & Buyers
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Retail ecommerce spending in Australia surpassed $19 billion last year, eMarketer estimates, and research suggests the most common purchase categories include tickets, travel and apparel.
    Publication Date: 1/5/2016
    Topics: Digital Video; TV; Time Spent with Media
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: The rise of digital and mobile video may have made an impact on the lives of viewers in Australia, but the time spent on digital video activities is still small compared to traditional TV.
    Publication Date: 12/28/2015
    Topics: Search Marketing; Content Marketing
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Four in five marketers in Australia use content for marketing purposes this year, according to research. And many are using paid ads to get their content out there.
    Publication Date: 12/17/2015
    Topics: Time Spent with Media
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: Smartphones are tops for time spent online in Australia, and within the mobile universe, apps are the big winner. Smartphone users spend almost 10 times as much time with apps than with browsers.
    Publication Date: 12/9/2015
    Topics: Mcommerce; Retail Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: The conventional wisdom says that despite massive increases in smartphone and tablet ownership and uptake of mcommerce, mobile is still more for the upper part of the sales funnel than for actual conversions, and those mobile purchases that do occur tend to be smaller. But for generally smaller-ticket product categories, digital buyers in Australia do not seem to differentiate between devices.
    Publication Date: 11/17/2015
    Topics: Video-on-Demand (VOD); Movies
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: More than one in three consumers in Australia use some kind of legal service to download or stream video content digitally, and research suggests subscription services like Netflix are the most frequent destinations.
    Publication Date: 11/6/2015
    Topics: Internet Activities; Social Media Usage
    Geographies: Australia
    Demographics: Seniors; Adults
    Context: In Australia, a majority of younger users participate in a variety of digital activities, including using social media, chatting on instant messaging applications and watching short videos. But content activities take a dramatic dip among older age groups, according to May 2015 research.
    Publication Date: 10/22/2015
    Geographies: Australia
    Industries: Digital Banking; Mobile Banking
    Context: Mobile banking now reaches one in three account holders in Australia, according to August 2015 polling. Other web-based banking is even more popular, but traditional channels are dwindling.
    Publication Date: 3/31/2017
    Topics: Cross-Border Ecommerce
    Geographies: Australia; China
    Context: Growing health awareness and fears about local food safety are two factors driving cross-border ecommerce by consumers in China. Health and wellness brands in Australia are looking to capitalize.
    Publication Date: 9/8/2016
    Topics: Video-on-Demand (VOD)
    Geographies: Australia; United Kingdom; United States
    Context: More than half of US internet users subscribe to subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. And according to June research, the US is well ahead of other major markets, such as the UK and Australia, when it comes to the ongoing trend around cord-cutting.
    Publication Date: 4/13/2016
    Topics: Marketing Spending; Marketing Tactics; B2B Marketing
    Geographies: Australia
    Context: B2B marketers in Australia are getting increasingly sophisticated in their approach to digital marketing, turning to tactics like marketing automation and social media to help generate leads.
    Publication Date: 1/4/2016
    Topics: Digital Video; Digital Video Advertising
    Geographies: Australia; Canada; United Kingdom; United States
    Context: Advertising revenues are key to the existence of much digital video content. Still, if there are too many ads playing, users will stop watching the video altogether, according to December 2015 research.
    Publication Date: 3/29/2017
    Topics: Social Media Marketing
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: According to a recent survey, more than a third of marketing professionals in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore found organic and paid social effective channels for attracting new customers.
    Publication Date: 8/2/2016
    Topics: Mobile Advertising; Consumer Attitudes on Marketing
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: A May 2016 survey highlighted that 63% of smartphone users in India felt ads provided them with useful information about deals, but just 20% of those in Australia felt the same. Users across the region disagree about how useful—or annoying—smartphone ads can be.
    Publication Date: 4/26/2016
    Topics: Mobile Devices
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Multidevice users in Australia had more internet access options than their counterparts anywhere else in Asia-Pacific during H2 2015, according to data from one service provider. And these users are also adding more devices to their collections over time.
    Publication Date: 3/24/2016
    Topics: Digital Display Advertising; Viewability
    Geographies: France
    Context: Q4 2015 digital display ad viewability rates in France were the highest for any quarter that year, according to a February 2016 report. They also beat viewability rates in several similar markets.
    Publication Date: 1/24/2018
    Topics: Marketing Technology
    Geographies: Worldwide
    Context: Marketers rely on a wide range of technologies to measure their digital ad effectiveness, from data management platforms (DMPs) to marketing automation.
    Publication Date: 11/1/2017
    Topics: Marketing Technology
    Geographies: United States
    Context: More than a third (35%) of marketers say defining the online customer journey is the greatest barrier to using attribution more effectively, an increase of 8 percentage points from a year ago, according to research.
    Publication Date: 10/27/2017
    Geographies: United States
    Demographics: Millennials
    Context: On a typical day, young people are more likely to communicate with others through varying digital channels than in person, according to a new study.
    Publication Date: 10/6/2017
    Topics: Programmatic Advertising
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: Jason Barnes, vice president for Asia-Pacific at PubMatic, discusses why programmatic is taking off in some markets in the region, but not others.
    Publication Date: 9/28/2017
    Geographies: Europe
    Industries: Travel
    Context: Hotel booking site Trivago has purchased tripl, a personalization technology firm that could help the service remain competitive in the digital travel space.
    Publication Date: 9/22/2017
    Topics: Ecommerce Sales
    Geographies: Asia-Pacific
    Context: China-based ecommerce companies Alibaba and have committed billions of dollars to establish themselves in Southeast Asia. US firms, including Amazon, have remained largely on the sidelines.