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    JUL 3, 2018

    How the maker of high-end golf trolley RolleyGolf got affluent consumers' attention

    Arnold du Toit
    Founder and CEO
    Drive Daddy
    JUL 3, 2018

    Buyers come in all ages and income levels

    Ben Whattam
    Managing Partner and Founder
    Keko London
    JUL 3, 2018

    Shoppers seek much more than status from high-end items

    Diana Verde Nieto
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Positive Luxury
    JUL 3, 2018

    The Set Hotels explains its approach

    Brian Gore
    Director, Brand and Marketing
    The Set Hotels
    SEP 24, 2018

    Luxury is fundamental to Chinese consumers' aspirations

    Tom Doctoroff
    Chief Cultural Insights Officer
    OCT 25, 2018

    You’re starting to see some hefty investments from wealthy people. How can advertisers and marketers capitalize on esports? Once you work advertising into anything, people furrow their brow. Will advertising turn off a bunch of teens playing Fortnite? It depends on how well and how artfully it’s done. The important thing to look at it is whether the ad slows down play performance.

    Joshua Dyck
    Associate Professor and Co-Director, Center for Public Opinion
    University of Massachusetts Lowell
    AUG 8, 2018

    As a luxury brand, we always want to feel premium, but we also always want the ad to fit—like when you go to an interview, you always want to overdress and never underdress. We always want to look our best, so maybe the style of the cinematography looks shot from the hip, but the quality is still very premium.

    Joseph Barbagallo
    Manager, Digital, Social and CRM
    Jaguar Land Rover North America
    JUL 17, 2018

    Older, less acculturated, less affluent Latinos leapfrogged owning a laptop or desktop, and a mobile phone was their first internet-connected device. Since mobile devices have taken over the role of computers, Latino consumers want larger screens that deliver a better experience.

    Lee Vann
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Captura Group
    OCT 9, 2018

    High-end retail brands like Louis Vuitton are getting into the hospitality business by building luxury hotels because they know their customers' purchasing patterns. What are the primary use cases of AI for financial services companies? They fall under three core areas of the financial sector.

    Hossein Rahnama
    Founder, CEO
    OCT 2, 2018

    They traditionally shop for luxury items, but we are now seeing a growing interest in local products, from cosmetic brands like Lumene to Finnish delicacies. They clearly want high-quality, local products both for themselves and to bring home as gifts. What are the next steps for the Alipay program? Not only does Finnair fly Chinese travelers to Helsinki, we also carry them to other parts of Europe.

    Henrik Balk, Elena Stenholm
    Head of PMO, Transformation and IT, Vice President, Commercial Services
    Finnair, Finavia