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  • Report
    JUL 8, 2019

    Within Facebook, Instagram continues to gain a larger share of ad investment, according to numerous sources we interviewed. “Facebook's own growth has shifted more to Instagram. Specifically, Instagram Stories has been a great area for growth for them,” said Harry Antonio, director of customer success at performance marketing platform Nanigans.

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    OCT 30, 2019

    The #ChipotleLidFlip challenged fans to copy the technique of a Chipotle employee who gained viral fame on Instagram with a video showing him stylishly flipping the lid on a burrito bowl to close it. Instead of using Instagram for the marketing effort, Chipotle went with TikTok.

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    NOV 21, 2019

    Programmatic Guaranteed: Upfront commitment to both CPM price and inventory amount secured via programmatic pipes between one buyer and one seller; also called programmatic reserved, forward market or just “upfronts.”. Preferred Deal: Upfront commitment to inventory price but not inventory amount between one buyer and one seller; also called private access or first right of refusal.

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    DEC 18, 2019

    Media Dynamics estimated that the average CPM for US primetime TV ads shown on broadcast stations that were sold during the upfront selling period increased 13.2% to $36.19 for the 2019-2020 season. Cable CPMs increased 11.1% to $19.45 this year. Since 2016, broadcast and cable CPMs have increased by at least 8.0% per year. TV audiences are shrinking, which is making inventory scarcer.

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    JUN 18, 2019

    Instagram will now allow creators to tag products in their posts. The new commerce feature, which is being tested by select influencers, will make Instagram posts instantly shoppable. AT&T has revised its plans of having a three-tiered streaming service, according to reports out at the time of publication.

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    JAN 30, 2020

    CPMs and CPCs are pricey—probably the highest of all social networks. Everyone, even those at LinkedIn, agrees on this. However, most who spoke with us for this report admitted that the cost was worth it for the rich, privacy-compliant data on professional users. Campaign Manager. Advertisers use LinkedIn’s self-service dashboard, Campaign Manager, to manage their ads.

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    MAR 18, 2020

    Instagram: Political ads on Instagram are subject to the same rules as those on Facebook’s core app. Instagram has been largely excluded from the political ads debate, but it is starting to play a bigger role as US presidential candidates have started working with Instagram influencers and meme accounts.

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