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Now Available: Retail 2017 TrendPack

eMarketer’s Retail 2017 TrendPack gives you everything you need to leverage the latest data and analysis for retail ecommerce.

  • Learn how rising consumer comfort with virtual assistants and chatbots open up new sales platforms.
  • Understand why mobile ecommerce now requires more images, videos and augmented reality.
  • Get past three common personalization barriers to deliver a truly valuable personal shopping experience.
  • Look ahead through 2021 with our worldwide retail and ecommerce sales estimates.
  • Tap into marketer and consumer trends for US omnichannel retailing.
  • Keep current with US retail digital ad spending forecasts and trends.
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Retail Insights at Your Fingertips

See the hot trends

Stay current on what’s heating up in retail ecommerce and which trends may be cooling off.

Know your customer

Get incredible insight into consumer behavior, spending habits and preferences.

Take action faster

Quickly find—and put to use—the research and data on retail you seek.

What’s Included?

Get six of eMarketer's must-read reports

In addition to revealing the latest findings from multiple research sources, our reports offer expert opinions, projections, key takeaways and case studies providing go-to insights for determining strategies and initiatives.

Delivered in PDF, PPT, XLS and JPG

The TrendPack includes PDF reports and related PPT decks, plus an XLS file for Worldwide Retail and Ecommerce Sales. An added bonus of this TrendPack is that we include high-resolution JPG images of all the charts from the reports.

TrendPack Highlights

A brief overview of each report included in the Retail 2017 TrendPack:

Conversational Commerce 2017: Chatbots and Virtual Assistants (PDF, PPT)

Thanks to rising comfort levels with virtual assistants and chatbots, as well as advances in technology, voice commands and messaging apps are presenting new sales platforms. This report examines consumer usage of chatbots and virtual assistants, as well as why and how retailers and brands are using both technologies along the path to purchase.

Key stat: eMarketer forecasts that the market for voice-enabled digital assistants in the US will be driven by millennials. In 2017, 29.9 million of that younger age group will use virtual assistants at least once a month, compared with 15.6 million Gen Xers and 9.7 million baby boomers.

Visual Commerce 2017: How Image Recognition and Augmentation Are Changing Retail (PDF, PPT)

Ecommerce is increasingly conducted using images, videos and augmented reality. This trend partly results from changing consumer behavior on mobile—where users prefer visual communication and visual media platforms—and improvements in computer vision driven by artificial intelligence. This report looks at consumers’ increasing use of visual communication and media, advances in computer vision technology and the growing number of ways marketers can apply these technologies to sell products.

Key stat: Around three-quarters of US internet users regularly or always search for visual content prior to making a purchase; only 3% never do.

Personalization in Retail: The Latest Trends and Challenges (PDF, PPT)

Most retailers have embarked on some form of personalization strategy. As they seek to expand beyond entry-level tactics, they often run into structural obstacles that keep data and teams in silos. Getting past these barriers will allow for full personalization of the customer experience. This report looks at the current state of personalization in retail, including its effectiveness, challenges and most common uses.

Key stat: Personalization is widespread, but techniques remain relatively basic. Roughly 90% of senior marketers worldwide are implementing personalization strategies, but only 6% rate their strategy as advanced.

Worldwide Retail and Ecommerce Sales: eMarketer’s Estimates for 2016–2021 (PDF, XLS)

Retail ecommerce sales worldwide will continue to post solid gains in 2017, rising 23.2% to $2.290 trillion. This year, for the first time, ecommerce sales will account for one-tenth of total retail sales worldwide. This report includes eMarketer’s latest forecast for retail sales and retail ecommerce and mcommerce sales worldwide, as well as estimates for digital shoppers and buyers. The projections run through 2021 and include breakouts by region and country. eMarketer’s data on worldwide retail and ecommerce can be found in this report’s accompanying spreadsheet.

Key stat: Worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $2.290 trillion in 2017, making up 10.1% of total retail sales. This share will surpass 16% by 2021, when sales will hit $4.479 trillion.

US Omnichannel Retail StatPack: Marketer and Consumer Trends (PPT)

This StatPack provides a visual overview of omnichannel retailing trends. The various metrics covered include the following:

  • The dollar amount of in-store sales influenced by digital sources.
  • Factors driving and hindering omnichannel tactics.
  • Shopping and buying behavior on the consumer path to purchase.
  • Ways in which digital can improve the in-store experience.
  • Consumer uptake of and attitudes toward buying online and picking up in-store (aka BOPUS).

US Retail Industry StatPack 2017: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends (PPT)

This StatPack provides a visual overview of updated eMarketer forecasts and data from third-party sources on ad spending in the US retail industry. The report covers:

  • Digital ad spending by format—search, display, mobile, digital video.
  • Factors influencing ad spend among major retail players and the entire industry.
  • Cross-industry comparisons of ad spending trends.
  • Retail includes mail order/catalogs, restaurants/fast food, drug stores, retail stores, cosmetics stores and merchants of apparel, home furnishings/textiles, toys, pet food/supplies, appliances, jewelry and general merchandise.

BONUS: The TrendPack includes 61 charts from the reports, in high-resolution JPG format.

Do you need quality visuals for your next deck? Make your point clear with our high-resolution JPG charts. Your slides will look great on paper or on the big screen in a live presentation. Some popular charts include:

  • Implementation of Personalization Strategy According to Senior Marketers Worldwide
  • US Social Media Users Who Have Bought Products/Services After Seeing Ads on Select Social Media Platforms
  • Retail Ecommerce Sales Worldwide, 2016-2021
  • Average Time Spent per Day with Major Media by US Adults
  • US Internet Users Who Have Used Voice Commands, by Device


Can I share this with my team?

Absolutely! You can share the information with your team, but you are not licensed to post it on your company’s intranet or extranet.

Can I get access to all your data?

Yes! We offer yearly access to eMarketer PRO on a per-company basis. Please contact us to learn how we can get your team, or your entire company, access to everything we publish.

Can I buy individual reports?

Yes, but you save a ton when buying a TrendPack. For example, the reports in the TrendPack would cost $7,970 if purchased separately, and PowerPoints, Excel files and high-resolution images are not included when you purchase individual reports. But if you want individual PDFs, click here.

What if I don’t like it?

We’re confident you will be happy with our research, but if you’re not completely satisfied you can return the product. Just reply to your purchase receipt email explaining the problem and we’ll either make it right or give you a full refund.

More questions? Please contact us.

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We’ve put together a few key stats just for you.

This sample pack includes information from several reports. It contains samples of all the formats (PDF, PPT, XLS and JPG) included in the eMarketer's Retail 2017 TrendPack.

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