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eMarketer: Tumblr’s Role in Reversing Yahoo’s Display Ad Decline

User base up nearly 50% in 2013, extending potential reach for Yahoo advertisers

NEW YORK, NY (August 21, 2014) — Tumblr continues to gain popularity in the US, with the number of users increasing 46.2% in 2013, totaling 13.7 million internet users, according to new figures from eMarketer – our first-ever forecast of Tumblr usage.

Usage of the Yahoo-owned social blogging platform will increase by nearly another 25% in 2014, according to our estimates, totaling more than 17.1 million internet users this year. Growth in the number of users who access their Tumblr accounts each month will taper off into the single digits by 2017, when the user base totals 22.8 million users, or 12.0% of all social networkers in the US.

Tumblr’s users are highly concentrated among internet users in the 18-to-24 and 25-to-34 age groups, which represent 52.2% of users who regularly log in to the platform this year. By 2018, about 12 million people who access Tumblr regularly will be concentrated in these two age groups, or roughly half of all users on the platform.

Read the full press release for more information on how Tumblr’s growth is helping Yahoo.

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Posted on August 21, 2014.