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eMarketer Launches Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending

NEW YORK AND LONDON (December 10, 2014) – Today eMarketer launched the Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending, a tool that allows hands-on engagement with our world-renowned data on advertising trends. The Guide highlights the latest figures from our worldwide advertising spending forecast, which were also released today.

You can explore the tool here:

This dynamic data set allows users to choose their own adventures through the global advertising landscape and explore how marketers in 22 countries will embrace digital and mobile media from now through 2018. Use this tool to answer questions like:

  • Which countries lead the way in advertising spending?
  • How soon will digital advertising overtake traditional media in markets around the world?
  • Will growth in emerging markets be enough to catch the current leaders?

eMarketer’s Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending also tells countless individual stories comparing and contrasting countries with their counterparts across the world. Here are just a few examples:

  • By 2017, digital ads will account for one-third of the overall worldwide advertising market
  • The US will remain dominant, with overall ad spending in the US totaling more than the next four largest markets combined in each year throughout our forecast
  • In 2014, China will surpass the UK and Japan to become the second largest mobile ad market
  • In 2018, Brazil will become the fourth largest global advertising market, surpassing the UK and Germany
  • Indonesia will have the largest growth rate of digital advertising of any country in each year throughout our forecast

“The worldwide advertising market will grow as a whole driven by digital media, but each country is developing at a different pace,” said Haixia Wang, vice president of forecasting at eMarketer. “The Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending provides a comprehensive view of our forecast to help navigate complexities in the ad market.”

About eMarketer’s Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending

eMarketer’s latest worldwide ad spending forecast is accompanied by an interactive tool that provides data on traditional, digital and mobile ad spending in 22 countries. Explore the dynamics of the global advertising landscape and compare and contrast which countries are projected to make the fastest switch to digital, and which are staying the course with traditional outlets.

You can view the Interactive Guide here:

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Posted on December 10, 2014.