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April 13, 2012: eMarketer in the News

Here are a few of the top stories in which eMarketer data has been featured in the past week or so:

The New York Times – Facebook Makes a Play for Mobile With Its Instagram Scoop
Why did Facebook just spend “about $1 billion” on a photo sharing site that is entirely free and has no immediate way to make money? Read more.

Advertising Age – IAB’s New Ad Formats Offer Tech Support for ‘Skippable’ Ads
Consumers’ dream of being able to skip commercials on TV became a reality with the advent of TiVo and DVR. It’s about to become a bigger reality on the web. Read more.

Forbes – Discipline: The Killer App to Curb Digital Attention Deficit
“We simply don’t have the resources right now to handle it all.” This is the most common challenge I hear from marketing and PR leaders driving digital at companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors. Read more.

CNN – Blinkx Will Miss Video Ad sales predictions
As the online video opportunity booms, video index and advertising firm Blinkx is growing fast – but not quite as fast as had been expected. Read more.

Bloomberg – Google Proposes Changing Stock Structure to Keep Control
Google Inc. (GOOG), the world’s largest Internet-search company, plans a new stock structure that gives management more leeway in issuing shares, while letting it keep control over the direction of the business. Read more.

Bloomberg Businessweek – Facebook Buying Photo-Share App Instagram for $1B
Facebook is spending $1 billion to buy the photo-sharing company Instagram in the social network’s largest acquisition ever. Read more.

Mashable – First Time Dads Dote on Their Kids on Social Media
According to eMarketer, a survey by The Parenting Group reveals that dads – especially first-timers – are logging onto social networking sites for the same reason their wives: to chat about their family. Read more.

Techcrunch – Yahoo’s New Catch-All Units For Consumer, Regions And Technology Highlight Challenges In All Three
One week after Yahoo announced it would lay off 2,000 employees, the company has now confirmed the second part of its restructuring: a reorganization that puts the company’s assets into three new business units — consumer, regions and technology, with at least one operation put to the side for a potential sale. Read more.

Agence France Presse – Google Proposes Stock Split as Profit Soars
Google delivered a double-shot of good news to investors, announcing soaring profits and plans for a long-desired stock split that will make its shares easier to trade. Read more.

Posted on April 16, 2012.