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Who Uses eMarketer PRO

Over 60,000 professionals, at more than 1,200 companies worldwide, who know that keeping pace with digital is a critical need for the success of their business

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    Amanda Thompson

    Global Digital IQ Program Manager

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    Kate Sirkin

    Executive Vice President and Global Research Director

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    Michael Donnelly

    Group Head, Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard

  • Erin Sills

    Director, Consumer Insights

Lead the Digital Transformation

It’s no longer sufficient for a few people in an organization to be savvy about the digital marketplace. Learn how to empower your teams with eMarketer PRO Open Access.

John Montgomery

COO for North America at
GroupM Interaction

We’ve made eMarketer available to all of our 23,000 employees around the world, which gives everyone ubiquitous access to information whenever they need it.

Marie Svet

Chief Revenue Officer at

In order to stay on top of the trends and understand where everyone is—our competitors and what other publishers are doing—it’s important that everybody have access to eMarketer.

Scott Hagedorn

Chief Executive Officer of

Our clients expect everyone within our organization to be fluent on the latest digital trends. eMarketer is how we’re able to deliver on that expectation—it’s exactly the information we need to continue our industry leadership.

Gireesh Joshi

Director of Customer Insights at

The philosophical reason within the company is to empower all individuals to get direct access to the information that’s relevant for their particular role. And there’s a practical reason, which is it’s just not feasible to try and funnel all information through a very small group of people in a very large company.

Tom Hespos

Founder and Chief Media Officer at
Underscore Marketing

When we first started with eMarketer, Underscore granted logins to members of the management team only. But we quickly found out that approach didn’t work. When we need to get very smart about something very quickly, everybody needs to have access and not just a select few.

Jon Jagard

Associate Manager of Ecommerce at

Mattel is presently evolving into a globally minded company, and ecommerce is where that is happening at a faster pace than elsewhere. If we can harness its potential now, eMarketer will keep us ahead of the global curve in eretail for years to come.

Ilya Vedrashko

Sr. VP of Consumer Research at
Hill Holliday

At Hill Holliday, we don’t believe in any one department monopolizing critical business information. Our philosophy is to make information not only widely accessible, but inevitable. We’ve been an eMarketer subscriber for many years, and having agencywide access to eMarketer fits perfectly into
our philosophy.

Florent Maillard

Sr. Research Manager at

eMarketer saves us time and resources. Having open access helps team members across geographies and business functions, have better access to relevant, useful insights on the online advertising ecosystem. To us, it proves to be the most convenient way to provide relevant information to anyone within the company.

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