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Latin America

The following excerpt is from eMarketer's report:“Brazil Mobile: Smartphones Pave the Way to a Multiscreen Market”

Mobile internet use in Brazil is growing rapidly, signaling a new phase of digital evolution in the country. Although it is still more common for Brazil's internet users to access the web via desktop and laptop computers than through mobile devices, the gap is closing, especially among younger demographics. Meanwhile, government policies seem likely to spur Brazil's less-affluent consumers to take a mobile path to the internet, too.

In Brazil's already intensely mobile-enabled market, internet users are becoming proficient digital consumers, browsing mobile websites, emailing and interacting on social networks via their phones, and using mobile apps—often while watching TV, using an ereader or working on a desktop computer.

The country's increasing parallel media consumption over mobile platforms is creating an audience marketers in the US would find familiar: the multiscreen user whose attention is always one screen away, shifting from television to desktop to tablet to smartphone. While the multiscreen user is not yet as common or distinct in Brazil, signs point to a highly multiscreen future. Understanding which behaviors consumers are likely to engage in across different platforms and media types will be vital to developing successful multichannel marketing strategies that reach them.


  • What is the size of Brazil's mobile internet market?
  • Who are Brazil's mobile internet users?
  • How is mobile internet uptake shaping digital activities in the country?
  • How do mobile devices impact simultaneous media use among Brazil's internet users?

Brazil’s Increasingly Mobile Market

Years of accelerated economic growth in Brazil have helped set the stage for what is now an intensely mobile telecom market. Deeper investments in mobile networks and rising income levels have brought Brazil a total of 280.1 million mobile connections in 2013, for an average of 1.39 mobile subscriptions per person.

eMarketer estimates there will be 142.7 million mobile phone users in Brazil this year, equivalent to 71% of the country’s population, and a rise of 2.3% over 2012’s total. Uptake in subsequent years will be similarly in the single digits—an indication that Brazil’s mobile user base may be reaching saturation.

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