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Why eMarketer

Why eMarketer PRO?

There’s a reason thousands of companies worldwide rely on us for insights into the digital marketing world. Explore how eMarketer PRO can help your business with our unique approach and industry-standard research. Or contact us about PRO.

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  • Answer Any Question

    Answer any question about the digital marketplace quickly, with the most-trusted information available.

    • Respond to all senior executive questions regarding the digital landscape.
    • Educate clients on the state of the industry and specific trends affecting their business.
    • Grab the perfect chart for a client presentation.
    • Craft a complete report on a topic using information gathered from many research firms and available all in one place.

    See What Our Clients are Saying

    eMarketer helps us clarify for our clients what actually matters—whether it’s a trend in mobile shopping or the real data behind a recent fad. eMarketer provides a credible source of truth that helps all of us have constructive conversations.- Erin Hunter, Global Head of CPG Strategy at Facebook

  • Build the Ultimate Deck

    Build the ultimate deck, chock full of digital insights and supported by iconic eMarketer charts.

    • Develop a strategy based on the leading source of digital marketing information.
    • Populate your PowerPoint deck with world-class charts and data that make the case for you.
    • Convince senior leaders and customers to move forward by using reliable data and insights.
    • Quickly gather all the information you need to form a strong strategy and win approval.

    See What Our Clients are Saying

    The ability to grab high-resolution charts and plug them right into presentations saves me a lot of time. The charts are clean and crisp, and I don’t need to spend time reformatting them.- Corby Fine, Senior Director & General Manager of Audience Solutions & Business Development at Rogers Media

  • Benchmark Consumer Behavior

    Benchmark consumer behavior with industry-standard estimates and forecasts.

    • Use eMarketer data as input values in your models for global markets, audience trends, ad spending and more.
    • Compare your digital program usage against the overall market.
    • Access reliable data gathered from the world’s top research firms for your data models—all in one place.

    See What Our Clients are Saying

    The "Comparative Estimates" are really helpful from a benchmarking standpoint. The data helps us look beyond a particular market and look more broadly for opportunities.- Gireesh Joshi, Director of Customer Insights at eBay

  • Give Your Sales Team Ammunition

    Give your sales team the ammunition your competitors use, and more, all in one place.

    • Quickly find the perfect data point that makes your case.
    • Leverage multiple sources from the world’s top research firms.
    • Educate your sales team about consumer behavior and changes in marketing strategy and advertising.

    See What Our Clients are Saying

    The data [from eMarketer] just has that extra layer of credibility that allows us to have the client say 'yes' more quickly.- Roger Gagnon, Vice President of Insight and Planning at Critical Mass

  • Size Markets and Value Your Initiatives

    Size markets and value initiatives using the foremost benchmarks available anywhere.

    • Use eMarketer figures as input values for valuation models, market sizing, project fact packs and more.
    • See a wide range of forecasts and estimates with eMarketer’s comparative, multisourced database.

    See What Our Clients are Saying

    We use all the trend and market data that [eMarketer] offers and best practices that you showcase; we use it to inform how we design our budgets, strategy and the way we go to market.- Chris Curtin, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation for Global Marketing at HP

  • Educate Your Entire Organization

    Educate your entire organization about the rapidly shifting digital marketplace.

    • Populate internal newsletters with the latest research on digital consumer behavior and advertising trends.
    • Build thought leadership and content marketing campaigns.
    • Create eye-catching conference presentations

    See What Our Clients are Saying

    eMarketer really helps us do our jobs better and keeps us educated and informed on how consumers are using digital today.- Helen Katz, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at Starcom MediaVest Group

What We Do


Gather Thousands of Data Points

So you don't have to

We collect virtually every study related to our coverage areas from thousands of sources worldwide. These sources include other research firms, measurement companies, media and marketing agencies, academic institutions, governments, and many more. We also interview hundreds of the most successful and influential subject matter experts.

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Filter Through the Data

Distilling the purest information

We painstakingly review all of the data and keep only the most credible and verified information. This includes digging deeply into each study’s methodology, as well as questioning the underlying assumptions of each finding.


Develop Our Own Benchmarks

Above the trees, we can see the forest

We compare only the best information side by side to assess what trends the research world is really seeing. Our statisticians and analysts use this elevated perspective to develop eMarketer’s own independent benchmark data and forecasts.

eMarketer's Coverage »

Add Perspective to the Numbers

A story is more memorable

We know that data and statistics need to have context to really sink in. And we know that the implications of our relationship between data is rarely explained. Our editors and writers provide the most comprehensive overview of a topic while making the information easy to understand and simple to put into perspective.


What We Don't Do

  • No Primary Research

    While other research firms are committed to the panels and studies they carry out, we don’t conduct our own research. Our benchmarks and insights rely on the combined methodologies from the world’s best researchers. We use all of their studies to create our perspective. And that means you can too.

  • No Consulting

    Some research firms treat their research as a secondary offering, while their primary focus is selling analyst time and vendor rankings. This often limits objectivity and can skew research results regardless of evolving market conditions. We have no axe to grind. So if trends shift and new data comes to light, we’re happy to shift with it.

  • No Conflicts of Interest

    Some firms have conflicts of interest because their clients and shareholders suffer if trends shift in undesirable directions. We don’t care if trends shift. We just want to make sure you know about it so that your team can be prepared.


leading marketers

Leading companies in every industry rely on eMarketer PRO for information on the competitive and fast-changing world of digital marketing, media and commerce.

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