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Insider Intelligence for Universities

Insider Intelligence research is available for university libraries who want to help prepare their students for the digital transformation of today’s business world. If you are a professor or otherwise affiliated with an accredited university, please fill out this form to learn more.

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Insider Intelligence Empowers Students and Faculty With:
  • Curated briefings: Daily email newsletters highlighting key developments in our coverage areas
  • In-depth reports: More than 250 new reports each year
  • Sourced charts: More than 50,000 charts available for research, download, or reference
  • Comparative Estimates and Forecasts: Charted estimates from leading industry sources
  • Digital World Atlas: Comprehensive global coverage
  • Download all content in actionable formats: XLS, PPT, PDF, JPG
  • Easy integration with libraries through IP authentication
  • Covering today’s most important topics in Marketing, Financial Services, Digital Health, Technology, and Ecommerce & Retail
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