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Recent Reports

In addition to revealing the latest findings from thousands of research sources, our reports offer expert opinions, projections, key takeaways and case studies providing go-to insights for determining strategies and initiatives. eMarketer will publish over 200 reports this year on the most relevant topics. Take a look at our most recently published reports.

Recently Published eMarketer Reports

Report Titles

Month Published

Q3 2017 Digital Video Trends: Monetization, Audience, Platforms and Content

September 2017

YouTube’s revenue outlook is significantly higher than previously expected, reflecting a healthy market for video advertising. However, a rush to create and monetize video content across entertainment and news platforms could push up against the limits of what the market will bear.

US Ad Spending: eMarketer's Updated Estimates and Forecast for 2017

September 2017

US digital ad spending will grow 15.9% in 2017 to reach $83.00 billion, widening its lead over TV advertising, which will bring in $71.65 billion.

Search Marketing 2017: Marketers Seek Out Consumer Intent as Device Habits Evolve

September 2017

Search ad spending continues to grow robustly in the US, thanks to mobile. Mobile growth is so strong that overall spending increases are in the double digits despite declines in desktop-based search ad spending.

Marketing to Millennials in France, Germany and the UK: Behavioral Insights and Marketer Trends

September 2017

Millennials in France, Germany and the UK tend to be highly digital, overindexing for activities such as smartphone usage and instant messaging. The wider social and economic context also shapes their behavior. For marketers, they’re a constantly moving target.

Retail 2017 TrendPack: The Latest Data and Analysis for Retail Ecommerce

September 2017

The six reports and StatPacks in this collection provide the latest data and analysis for retail ecommerce.

Millennials in France, Germany and the UK: Digital and Nondigital Consumer Trends for 2017

September 2017

Like their US counterparts, millennial consumers in France, Germany and the UK tend to be super-connected, and are often in the vanguard of new digital behaviors. But variations within this cohort, and from country to country, shouldn’t be overlooked.

US Digital Users: eMarketer's Updated Estimates for 2017

September 2017

In 2017, roughly 67% of the US population will own and use a smartphone. Smartphone adoption is driving mobile internet access: Nearly 15% of internet users will exclusively use a mobile device to go online this year.

UK Digital Users: eMarketer's Updated Estimates for 2017

September 2017

In 2017, there will be 54.8 million UK internet users, of which 86.3% will gain access via a desktop/laptop device at least once per month. However, a growing portion of internet users—11.3% this year—will rely solely on mobile devices to go online.

Voice-Enabled Technology StatPack: Current Forecasts for Digital Assistants and Speakers

August 2017

Classifications, user and revenue forecasts, and consumer insights for both digital assistants and voice-enabled speakers.

US Teens and Their Smartphones: The All-Purpose Device for Liking, Snapping, Ad Avoiding, Shopping and More

August 2017

For most US teens, the smartphone—including its camera—has become the dominant factor in their digital activity, whether for internet usage, social interaction or shopping.

US Mobile Banking and Payments: eMarketer's Estimates for 2016–2021

August 2017

eMarketer’s forecast for US proximity mobile payments, peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments and mobile device banking users.

US TV and Digital Video StatPack 2017: Ad Spending Data and Audience Trends for Broadcast, Pay and OTT TV

August 2017

The facts and figures you need to know about TV and digital video in the US, now and for the future. Bookmark the StatPack page to keep these numbers and findings handy throughout the year.

UK Digital Ad Spending by Industry: Forecasts and Trends

August 2017

eMarketer’s forecast of digital ad spending in the UK covers five key industries: automotive, CPG, financial services, retail and travel. Across all industries, mobile, digital video and social media strategies will drive spending increases over the forecast period.

Email Marketing Benchmarks 2017: Metrics Steady as Data Creates Better Context and Relevance

August 2017

Marketers rely on email for its reach and steady performance. In order to maintain that effectiveness, marketers are using data to create campaigns with better context and relevance for their audience.

TV and Video in Canada: New Viewing Habits Bring Multiscreen Challenges for Advertisers

August 2017

This report explores how consumers in Canada satisfy their viewing appetites across screens, as well as the ways advertisers and media companies are developing ads to engage them.

US Holiday Shopping 2017: Shoppers Continue Online Migration for This Year's Season

August 2017

As online shopping this holiday season continues to grab share from brick-and-mortar, retailers should pay attention to six trends that will shape the season.

Video Advertising in Social Media 2017: Showtime for Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter

August 2017

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are snapping up TV-style programming in an attempt to become video destinations. This report details those plans and the video ad formats that come with them.

Marketing Attribution 2017: Five Best Practices

August 2017

As companies look to a more holistic attribution practice, challenges persist. Those furthest ahead consider five key factors when transforming how they attribute marketing success.

Television Update H2 2017: Advanced TV's Progress

August 2017

Growth estimates and the key near-term drivers for addressable, programmatic, and over-the-top (OTT) TV advertising.

Asia-Pacific Retail and Ecommerce Sales: eMarketer's Estimates for 2016–2021

August 2017

Asia-Pacific will represent the largest share of retail and retail ecommerce sales worldwide, largely driven by consumer spending in China. This year, total retail sales in the region will hit $9.254 trillion, of which ecommerce will represent 14.7%.

US OTT Video and Pay TV Ecosystem: eMarketer's Estimates for 2016–2021

August 2017

eMarketer’s forecast for US connected TV, over-the-top (OTT) video and pay TV users, including our first-ever estimates for subscription OTT video service users.

UK Retail and Ecommerce: Economic, Sales and Buyer Trends for 2016–2021

August 2017

Economic struggles in the UK have slowed retail sales growth, but retail ecommerce sales continue to climb. eMarketer estimates UK retail ecommerce sales will total £81.55 billion ($110.07 billion) in 2017, largely driven by increasing mcommerce.

Storytelling in Sequence: How Brands Are Creating More Engaging Messaging

August 2017

Content marketing offers a variety of storytelling possibilities thanks to a proliferation of digital channels and platforms, and marketers are using content and ad creative sequentially to get longer, more compelling messages across to consumers.

Retail Ecommerce in France: Europe's Third Largest Market Posts Steady Gains

August 2017

Retail ecommerce sales in France will approach $42.5 billion this year—a gain of 8.8% compared with 2016. eMarketer has increased its forecasts for retail ecommerce sales, though these will account for just 6.7% of all retail sales nationwide in 2017.

Worldwide Digital Travel Sales: eMarketer's Estimates for 2016–2021

August 2017

eMarketer estimates worldwide digital travel sales will grow by 11.7% in 2017 to $612.91 billion. Asia-Pacific will become the world’s largest digital travel market in terms of sales, surpassing North America for the first time.

UK Digital Banking: Mobile Drives Steady Uptake, but Consumer Trust Remains an Issue

July 2017

Digital has shaken up the banking sector in the UK, but consumers are less eager to go digital-only. Security and privacy concerns are the biggest inhibitors, though younger age groups are much keener users of mobile banking in particular.

Retail Ecommerce in Germany: A Major Digital Market Growing in Size and Sophistication

July 2017

Retail ecommerce sales in Germany will rise 11.3% in 2017, eMarketer estimates, to reach $65.13 billion. Nearly 50 million people in the country will make a digital purchase at least once this year, equivalent to 81.5% of internet users.

Virtual and Augmented Reality StatPack: Current Forecasts and the State of the Market

July 2017

Classifications, user and revenue forecasts, and consumer insights for both virtual and augmented reality devices.