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Introducing Numbers

Empowering you to tell compelling stories with data, quickly and easily. Create your own custom charts and tables instantly by mixing and matching thousands of eMarketer data points.

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Try Numbers for yourself

Create your own chart using eMarketer’s US Smartphone Projections (in millions)

How it works

1. Select a subject

2. Chart is generated

3. Customize your metrics

4. View & export your custom chart

Seamlessly enrich your story with data

  • Control

    You pick and choose which metrics go into the charts and tables. No extraneous data—just build exactly what you need.

  • Time Saving

    Gather and assemble the data that matters most to you—fast—and instantly integrate it into your presentation or pitch.

  • Perspective

    Get the full picture. Easily visualize and track relevant trends by comparing benchmarks and metrics side by side.

The path to a powerful story starts here

Numbers enables you to find the precise data you need to illustrate a point or to build your case. Schedule a live product demo today to see the full tool in action.

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