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Find the Right eMarketer PRO Plan

eMarketer PRO

Empower your organization to make better business decisions with reliable, actionable research

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Complete access to all PRO tools and features—now available for small and medium-sized businesses

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Pricing for any size company:

Our clients span just about every industry and range in size from companies with fewer than 25 employees to companies with tens of thousands. Pricing depends on the size of your company and the number of people who need access. Please request a quote above and we’ll craft an offer that fits your organization’s needs and budget.

All PRO plans include:

  • Content
    • eMarketer Reports
      In-depth coverage of topics, 250+ added yearly
    • eMarketer StatPacks
      Data-driven coverage of topics, primarily charts
    • Executive Interviews
      Insights for digital leaders, 1,000 added yearly
    • Industry-leading Charts
      Industry sourced data, 50,000+ available
    • Comparative Estimates
      Charted estimates from leading industry sources
    • Comprehensive Coverage
      Comprehensive worldwide coverage
    • Proprietary Forecasts
      eMarketer’s projections on industry trends
    • Performance Metrics
      Reliable benchmarks on key digital performance metrics
  • Platform
    • Search
    • Browse and Filter
    • Download All Content in Useable Formats
      XLS, PPT, PDF, JPG
    • Custom Email Alerts
    • Smartphone and iPad Apps
    • In-Platform Shareable Content
  • Support
    • Onboarding Support
      Tailored rollout experience
    • Accounts Team
      Dedicated support team
    • PRO Chat
      In-product support from product experts
    • Trainings
      Individual, team, division or company tailored trainings
    • Usage Reporting
      Reporting of company usage on a quarterly or annual basis