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An Interview with Andrew Marcus

Vice President, Research and Insights

As Clear Channel Outdoor Americas Vice President, Research and Insights, Andrew Marcus develops research strategies to drive innovation and growth across its business lines. Andrew is a veteran of Outdoor research with over 25 years of experience. He oversees a team who provides the assembling, writing and distribution of research services and for advancing the companies research initiatives.

In the past three years, Andrew has been instrumental in developing and training the organization with first-to-market innovations like Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR. This suite of audience planning and analytics tools has established CCO as a major out-of-home (OOH) industry trailblazer that’s pioneered advanced methods of planning, buying and measuring the effectiveness of its clients’ OOH campaigns.

Andrew also sits on numerous industry research committees, including the Geopath Education Committee. Geopath is the former billboard rating bureau that has evolved into a state-of-the art audience location measurement, insights and market research innovation organization. He also represents Clear Channel Outdoor for the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and the Media Ratings Council (MRC).

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Marketing from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Can you talk a little bit about your role as Vice President, Research & Insights of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas?

Marcus: Sure, I’m responsible for driving revenue through training, adoption and use of our research & data products and solutions. I also help oversee the development and management of our Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR suite of solutions focusing on planning data and attribution studies. But if I was to boil it down, I help our clients and sales and marketing teams understand how to best use our data, our tools and our research insights to create opportunities based on their needs.

What are your business priorities over the next 12 months? 

Marcus: Right now, Clear Channel Outdoor is hyper-focused on making our media even smarter and easier to buy. Our biggest initiative is the ongoing development of our CCO RADAR suite of solutions. CCO RADAR uses mobile location data to understand consumer behavior and mobility, to help our customers best target, retarget and understand the impact of OOH advertising.

What are you biggest challenges today for your business, and in the overall digital media landscape?

Marcus: I see the digital media landscape as an opportunity to illustrate how OOH fits into the broader media mix. OOH is un-skippable, always on and always above the fold. And research show that OOH continues to deliver more online activity per ad dollar spent compared to Television and Print and other media. In addition, CCO RADAR proves to our valued clients and partners what we’ve intuitively known for years: OOH works!

How does eMarketer help your business overcome these challenges?

Marcus: We use eMarketer to help educate our sales team on emerging topics and trends. Some emarketer reports we’ve used for strategy development include: Time Spent With Media, Smart Phone usage, Ad Spending Trends, Back to School forecasts, Holiday Shopping. The insights we glean from these reports help us to develop sales opportunities for our team. For example, stats around sales growth by retailer – we use examples of those advertisers in our presentations and reach out to these companies and their competitors to show the power of OOH. When we see data on digital/ecommerce we tie that into our discussion of how OOH can amplify campaigns and drive purchase. It ultimately gives us opportunities for our sales teams to walk into presentations armed with information that will help our business objectives.

Can you talk about how your company’s eMarketer access came about?

Marcus: We were introduced to eMarketer through our parent company and have been using the service for about 5 years. The ability to have information at our fingertips that can easily be incorporated into our sales decks makes the resource invaluable.

How does eMarketer compare to other resources?

Marcus: The flexibility of the tools and the ability to download the information in Excel or Power Point makes it easy to use. I can log on to the system and within minutes have data that is actionable for our sales team.

Can you walk me though a specific use-case where eMarketer has helped you? 

Marcus: The insights on Back to School and Holiday Shopping illuminated stories we could use to help advertisers plan their campaigns. We’ve even incorporated statistics from eMarketer into our materials to show the power of OOH. And this really resonates with our customers.

What value does eMarketer represent to a business like yours?

Marcus: Information. The ability to find quick answers on many diverse topics. eMarketer educates our sales team on many topics and gives us the ability to find how we can mix data from reports with other resources to show the value of having OOH in the media mix.

How do you make a case for eMarketer?

Marcus: I make a case for eMarketer every time we’re budgeting for the upcoming year. When we review all our presentations over the course of the year we can see how often eMarketer stats are sprinkled throughout many of them. Our sales reps still use the insights and we still maintain our subscription. I’d call that a good sign of ROI.

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Andrew Marcus

On eMarketer:

“The flexibility of the tools and the ability to download the information in Excel or Power Point makes it easy to use.”


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