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About Insider Intelligence

Renowned research to help you make critical business decisions.

Insider Intelligence brings clients key analysis on the latest trends impacting their respective industries every day.

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eMarketer PRO provides a credible source of truth that helps all of us have constructive conversations.

Erin Sills, Director, Consumer Insights, Facebook

About Insider Intelligence

eMarketer has been trusted by CMOs for decades as the most comprehensive source of information on how to operate in a digital world. And joining with Business Insider Intelligence gave subscribers even more market trend analysis spanning a multitude of industries. As the combined Insider Intelligence, our analysts produce daily content—including charts, reports, forecasts, and podcasts—covering financial services, digital health, and marketing and advertising trends.

Insider Intelligence helps company leaders and market professionals navigate the digital transformation shaking up their industries. There is a massive amount of information on digital marketing, media, finance, and healthcare, and our researchers sift through and analyze this content to ensure our subscribers gain the most accurate trends and forecasts on how people and companies are spending their time and money in a world that's being transformed by digital.

Today, there are more than 100,000 subscribers to Insider Intelligence who rely on our unbiased perspectives on their industry. The best way to learn more is to contact us, but here's a quick overview.

At MasterCard, we use eMarketer for global and regional data to help us validate hypotheses and ultimately develop our strategies.

Michael Donnelly, Group Head, Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard

Unlock valuable data related to your industry.

Our researchers collect data on every key area related to digital from more than 3,000 worldwide sources. These stats and figures are run through a rigorous seven-step methodology transformed into charts and tables to provide subscribers with analysis and takeaways on the most important topics disrupting their respective industry.

eMarketer forecasts help Best Buy plan and validate execution strategies.

Lynn Lanphier, Director of Digital Analytics, Best Buy

See what the future will bring.

Our job is to make your job easier. We do that by filtering out the noise, and presenting only the essential information on trends and transformations affecting your industry through forecasts, performance metrics, and comparative estimates.

I manage our trends and insights group, and I'll bring eMarketer reports with me to spur discussion about emerging trends. If brands are looking to build applications or promotions for a particular region, we can turn to the reports because they're comprehensive and provide the information we need.

Ilene Strongin-Garry, Manager, Information, Research and Trends InterContinental Hotels Group

Get the insights you need to make better decisions.

The quantitative information comes alive when it's combined with analysis and insights gathered from thousands of industry leaders, and put into perspective by our expert team of researchers, analysts, and editors.

Today, digital is marketing and sales and basically everything that relates to the consumer. This is why I connected with eMarketer when I started in my new role at Shiseido.

Alessio Rossi, Global Chief Digital Officer, Shiseido

Who uses Insider Intelligence?

Our clients span just about every industry and range in size from companies with fewer than 25 employees to companies with tens of thousands. Whether you’re a CEO or an associate-level employee, our research and data will help you navigate the evolving digital landscape and propel you to the next level.

We've made eMarketer available to all of our 23,000 employees around the world, which gives everyone ubiquitous access to information whenever they need it.

John Montgomery, Chairman, N.A. at GroupM Interaction

How to get access.

Your company may already subscribe to Insider Intelligence through a corporate plan. If they do, you can start searching and leveraging Insider Intelligence data, research, and analysis right now. Or you can talk to us about how Insider Intelligence can support r you and your organization.

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