What’s Next for Mobile Video Advertising in Latin America?

What’s Next for Mobile Video Advertising in Latin America?

The trends driving budget shifts in the market

An interview with:
Eric Tourtel
Senior Vice President, Latin America

As marketers in Latin America begin to take a more mobile-first approach, mobile video advertising has emerged as a leading area of growth in the region. At this year's AdWeek Latin America conference in Mexico City, eMarketer’s Matteo Ceurvels spoke with Eric Tourtel, senior vice president of Latin America for video advertising marketplace Teads, about the most significant mobile video advertising trends coming out of the region, and what’s on the horizon for this burgeoning format. Tourtel was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s June report, "Latin America Ad Spending 2018: FIFA World Cup's Effect; Digital Trends for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.”


What changes have you seen as of late within Latin America’s mobile video advertising space?

Eric Tourtel:

We're seeing a very strong migration of budgets that were previously dedicated to pre-roll now going toward out-stream as a way to increase reach and improve upon the user experience.

We’ve also noticed a large spike in the number of out-stream advertising outlays this past year. Many budgets were reallocated from YouTube to us [Teads] in light of the number of brand safety issues that have come up in months prior.


Has programmatic factored into the shifting of ad budgets?

Interview conducted on February 14, 2018

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