What Voice Users Want From Brands

What Voice Users Want From Brands

NPR's tips for staying authentic on the channel

Meg Goldthwaite
National Public Radio
Gina Garrubbo
National Public Media

Once consumers start using smart speakers, more than half of them don't want to go back to life without them, according to research conducted by National Public Radio (NPR) and Edison Research. Meg Goldthwaite, CMO at NPR, and Gina Garrubbo, CEO of National Public Media, spoke with eMarketer's Sean Creamer about how brands can creatively advertise to the voice-addicted population without disrupting the user experience. Goldthwaite and Garrubbo were interviewed as part of eMarketer's July report, "Marketing Beyond the Screen: Using Voice Technology to Boost Brand Engagement."


How did NPR get involved in the voice space?

Meg Goldthwaite:

Smart speaker manufacturers came to us and asked that NPR be their device's default news source. Now we're the default for Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, and provide users with a snippet of the news.

Interview conducted on May 1, 2018

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