Three Retailer Best Bets for Back-to-School 2018 | Sponsored Content

Three Retailer Best Bets for Back-to-School 2018 | Sponsored Content

This posted was contributed and sponsored by RetailMeNot.

A recent survey from RetailMeNot shows that the majority of retailers (89%) believe there is more competition for the attention of back-to-school shoppers than ever before. Retailers and brands are already deep in discussion and planning for how to reach these shoppers and drive more sales—both online and in stores. By strategically planning marketing and promotions, retailers can maximize their chances at a successful back-to-school season. 

Here are three insights for retailers to keep in mind as they head into the bulk of back-to-school season:

1. Back-to-school is the longest shopping season in the US.

Retailers should be ready to endure nearly three months of marketing and promotions as the consumer back-to-school shopping journey can span anywhere from July through September. Online retailers can focus their efforts on mid-week buying as the top online shopping days are anticipated to all fall on Monday through Thursday this year. Brick-and-mortar establishments shouldn’t be surprised to see increased footfall on weekends, and mobile is key for attracting these consumers on the go. 

2. Deals and discounts catch the eye of these savvy shoppers.

Parents are looking to save more than ever before on necessary back-to-school items (plus all the things their kids want!), and retailers agree. Nine in 10 retailers surveyed agree that offers and deals are the easiest way to reach shoppers this season. Furthermore, 80% of consumers would make first-time purchase with a retailer or brand that was new to them, if they found a good deal.

3. More marketing opportunities emerge through partnerships.

More than a third of retailers (37%) surveyed say that they have a portion of their marketing budget left to delegate to back-to-school efforts. Partnerships with other brands, apps and social media companies are a few areas where retailers are expanding their efforts, which can help broaden the audiences they reach and minimize strain on internal resources. More than half of retailers (53%) say they will be partnering with cash back websites and apps, like RetailMeNot, and 72% will be increasing their investments with social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

A robust marketing plan with a varied promotional strategy can help retailers reach more shoppers in the moments that matter most. Check out our complete retailer study guide and back-to-school infographic here.

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