There Are Still Misconceptions About Millennials in Canada

There Are Still Misconceptions About Millennials in Canada

What the generation values most

An interview with:
Andrew Au
Intercept Group

Millennials continue to be a sought-after segment in Canada, but the biggest mistake marketers can make is generalizing them based on stereotypes. Andrew Au, president of Toronto-based Intercept Group, a millennial specialist agency, spoke with eMarketer's Paul Briggs about the common misconceptions about millennials in the market, and provided insights into their spending habits. Au was interviewed as part of eMarketer's June report, "Media Habits of Millennials in Canada 2018: Five Key Personas to Understand and Target."


When you work with a brand for the first time, and they know you're an expert in targeting millennials, do they come with preconceived notions about the demographic, either positive or negative?

Andrew Au:

Yes, mostly negative. There's never been a generation that has more stereotypes applied to it than this one. "Lazy" and "entitled" are the two most common stereotypes.

We help brands understand where the disconnect is: It's in the value system. The need for instant recognition, instant gratification, building a sense of community—these are all things that brands are not quite getting yet. There are still a lot of misconceptions.

Interview conducted on April 13, 2018

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