Should Brands Produce Custom Creative for Social In-Stream Ads?

Should Brands Produce Custom Creative for Social In-Stream Ads?

How Jaguar Land Rover approaches the format

An interview with:
Joseph Barbagallo
Manager, Digital, Social and CRM
Jaguar Land Rover North America

Social media users have an endless supply of video content at their fingertips, whether it's highly produced a la Facebook Watch and Snapchat Shows, or user-generated. But this diverse and ever-changing content lineup creates a challenge for advertisers in how they approach in-stream advertising as it becomes available on social platforms. eMarketer's Tricia Carr spoke with Joseph Barbagallo, manager of digital, social and CRM at Jaguar Land Rover North America, about what it takes to get social in-stream advertising right. Barbagallo was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s August report, "Video Ads in Social Media 2018: Shows Are Everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter—But Are People Watching?"


How interested are you in social in-stream advertising where it's currently offered—Facebook and Twitter?

Joseph Barbagallo:

We've switched the way we buy our media so it's more about looking for where the right users are than the format. We base all of our targeting on our first-party customer data, and then our secondary prospect data. We load up that data into our media agency's buying tool to find those audiences.


As a format, do you view social in-stream advertising as an effective way to reach users, granted your target audience is there?

Interview conducted on July 2, 2018

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