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How Subaru Quickly Connected Data to Understand the Customer Journey

Marketing leaders expect their decisions to be driven by data. To do this, organizations must centralize data in one place—in a format that’s accessible and actionable across the entire business. But bringing data together is only the first step.

Subaru of America’s journey was no exception. The automotive company needed to create a connected customer journey across online and offline interactions, but its critical CRM and digital data files were stored in different locations. In 90 days, Subaru brought over 25 data sources together, and gained insight into customer behavior using queries, dashboards and reports.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Subaru of America’s Shera Polzer, manager of information technology, CRM, and Rufus Frazer, senior data scientist, along with Merkle's Kurt Gottzandt, architect for campaign management platforms. They shared Subaru’s journey toward data-driven marketing.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What challenges drove Subaru to understand the customer journey
  • How the automaker gained analytical insights by combining CRM and digital data
  • The road marketers must take to accelerate data-driven customer experiences


Shera Polzer is a manager of information technology, CRM, for Subaru of America. She has over 15 years of leadership experience across industries and functional areas from accounting and government to marketing and ecommerce. During the last six years at Subaru, Shera launched Adobe Campaign for Subaru and was responsible for integrating the toolset within and between Adobe’s Experience Cloud and Subaru’s marketing tech stack. She also partnered with Subaru’s marketing department and creative agency to launch its first Digital Marketing Center of Excellence team, a cross-functional team working to build the digital foundation necessary to deliver relevant, personalized and cohesive customer experiences across the buying and owning journeys.

Rufus Frazer is a senior data scientist at Subaru of America. He is responsible for improving marketing outcomes, including developing a lifetime value metric and predicting purchase likelihood from online activity. Prior to joining Subaru two years ago, he worked as a consultant for Ernst & Young, in supply chain at AT&T and as a middle school math teacher. He has too many masters degrees and bicycles and not enough patience to ever be very good at golf.

Kurt Gottzandt is an architect for campaign management platforms at Merkle and has been with the company for over 23 years. His experience ranges from programming, systems analysis and data processing, as well as current web technologies. Kurt’s work supports a variety of industries, including catalog, retail, consumer products, insurance, financial and health/pharma, as well as internal Merkle operations. He has significant background developing systems for campaign production ranging from campaign/report automation, outside list inclusion/selection within campaign tools to intuitive QC systems to support zero defect delivery. Over the last four years, Kurt has focused exclusively on Adobe Campaign, where he is a certified Adobe Campaign Architect.

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