Parents Are More Likely to Seek Out a Deal

Financial strain may lead to cost-cutting tendencies

Many consumers are constantly on the hunt for a good deal. But according to a new study, households with children are even more likely to shop sales aisles or use coupons to save a dollar. 

That's because many low- and middle-income households with kids are feeling financially strained. 

According to IRI, which surveyed 2,000 US internet users who are the primary household shopper, more than half of households with children (52%) said their financial health is strained. In contrast, 42% of households without children felt the same way. 

So it makes sense that looking for a deal is more widespread among this group. Roughly two-thirds of households with kids reported buying lower-priced options when shopping for groceries, and many even say they don't shop their preferred brand because they have a coupon they'd rather use.

Some would even go as far as visiting multiple retailers to find the best bang for their buck.

Those with kids also tend to be more brand loyal. A February 2018 survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that respondents with kids are more likely to visit their favorite retailer before looking at a competitor—and will shop with them even if it means forgoing a more convenient option.