Instant Apps Offer the Best Experience Possible for the 'Undecided' Customer

Instant Apps Offer the Best Experience Possible for the 'Undecided' Customer

What ecommerce platform Hollar learned from its instant app rollout

An interview with:
James Ho
Vice President, Product Development

After partnering with Google to launch an instant app last year, online dollar store Hollar discovered that it's an efficient way to engage and convert customers who are not yet loyal shoppers, but show interest in the retailer. James Ho, Hollar's vice president of product development, spoke with eMarketer's Rahul Chadha about the company's journey with instant apps, including the challenges it encountered along the way. Ho was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s June report, "Mobile Optimization: How Mobile-First Indexing and New Technologies Like Instant Apps Are Changing the Game."


How do users typically first encounter Hollar’s instant app?

James Ho:

Initially, we thought we would get a lot of instant-app traffic from search. But we didn't expect that a lot of our best-converting instant-app traffic would come through email.

These are customers who have engaged with us at one point or another and are on our email list. If they don’t have the native app installed and click on a link, they get an instant-app experience.

They get all the benefits of a highly converting, highly engaging install path, without us ever having to get in their face about trying our app. I think there’s some resistance against that among casual shoppers, or people who are not 100% committed to your company, product or brand.

Interview conducted on May 18, 2018

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