How To Identify Your Growth Potential With An Effective Digital Agility Model | Sponsored Content

How To Identify Your Growth Potential With An Effective Digital Agility Model | Sponsored Content

This post was contributed and sponsored by Episerver.


Identifying the growth potential of your company can be the key toward identifying the first steps your organization can and should take toward realizing digital agility.

This self-reflection is not particularly easy as we introduce biases in this analysis and our opinions are clouded by the challenges unique to our own companies, so we fail to define how to overcome those hurdles and where, honestly, we currently are. While many individuals within a company think they have their priorities and benchmarks defined, they are hindered by differences of philosophy in their organization, disconnection between parts of the business and the overall struggle to enact proper change.

Episerver Digital Agility Model was designed as a status report for members of your organization to define two key metrics: where you are and where you’d like to be. Through a series of criteria, it helps to determine where companies fit in a trajectory—if they are one of four stages Crawl, Walk, Run or Fly. Where do you fit?

Placement in these phases is based on answers to 20 criteria, 10 referring to aspects of Digital Operations and 10 referring to aspects of Customer Experience. These criteria help determine what tactics are currently being used to address a specific area of your business. For example, “How does your company currently collect and measure data?”

The scores are tallied up in each criterion based on answers, and you (and your peers if they’re willing) can see your/their score plotted on our graph to understand how you/they stack up. This is just the start—now comes the difficult part. We then ask you to define where you’d realistically like to improve within each criteria. Based on your priorities and company goals, what areas of your business should have the most focus on improvement?

Goals for each criteria are used to calculate a second benchmark score, and members of your organization can see how far these improvements would move them on the graph. Will your areas of improvement move the needle? Is your focus in the right place to make the largest impact on your business?

The value is in the evaluation; the Episerver Digital Agility Model exercise is a chance for your key stakeholders to level-set expectations and maximize change efforts to make the biggest improvements. This process can help to identify “easy wins” or the low-effort/high-impact elements that can be quickly deployed to bring value. It can also be a chance to create a mid- and long-term roadmap for your team to then communicate to the organization, generating excitement for the future.

Change does not happen overnight, but it doesn’t happen at all without proper planning and syncing priorities and passion across people and processes. Drive innovation and inspiration by using the Episerver Digital Agility Model to personalize your agility plan. Download the Episerver Digital Agility Model.

—Jeff Cheal, Sr. Director Customer Strategy at Episerver