How to Future-Proof Your Customer Data Management Strategy | Sponsored Content | Tech-Talk Webinar, On-Demand

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As the customer data management technology landscape continues to evolve, technologies such as data management platforms (DMPs) and customer data platforms (CDPs) are becoming more necessary than ever.

Whether you’re a marketing technologist, data strategist or digital marketing leader, you are an influencer and owner of a key aspect of your consumer’s journey with your brand. To scale your customer data management strategy, you need to understand what the key considerations for your technical and marketing teams are.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar presentation featuring Adobe's Fred Kuu, group manager, and Rakhi Patel, principal product marketing manager. They shared key insights on how to start with your use cases to inform and influence your technology investment decisions.

View the webinar and learn:

  • What opportunities are available to drive customer acquisition with a DMP
  • How to refine your customer loyalty strategy with a CDP
  • Top Adobe use cases to help inform your technology purchasing decisions


Fred Kuu is group manager on the team at Adobe, leading a team of technologists developing new digital experience capabilities. He has over 10 years of experience with marketing technologies, including standing up's instance of Adobe Audience Manager. He loves figuring out how data can be connected to deliver delightful and personalized experiences.

Rakhi Patel is principal product marketing manager for Adobe Audience Manager. In addition to that, she also leads and develops the strategy for Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform. Rakhi has been working at Adobe for more than nine years.

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