How Retailers Use Location Data Beyond Real-Time Targeting

How Retailers Use Location Data Beyond Real-Time Targeting

The moment isn't all that matters

An interview with:
Nadya Kohl
Executive Vice President, Business Development and Marketing

At first, retailers saw location data as an opportunity to reach consumers when they were in the vicinity of a store. But now they've learned to use all of the rich information available to them for more than just proximity marketing. eMarketer's Yory Wurmser spoke with Nadya Kohl, executive vice president of business development and marketing at location data platform PlaceIQ, about what retailers gain from changing their approach, and the location data quality issues that still exist.


Have you seen a change in the way the retail industry thinks about location data?

Nadya Kohl:

There has finally been a shift. We’ve seen a movement away from that early use of real-time location intelligence for real-time targeting toward increased personalization and relevance.

Retailers now think, "I don’t want to know about one point in time—I want to know that your journey to and from work takes you past my retail establishment. And then I want to think about strategies where I can leverage that pattern to increase my engagement opportunities with you."

Interview conducted on January 16, 2018

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