Hey Alexa, Where's My Package?

Hey Alexa, Where's My Package?

Smart speakers are being used throughout the shopping journey

Shopping through a voice-enabled device like Amazon Echo or Google Home is becoming the norm these days. And consumers aren't just using the devices to research products or order some groceries. They're relying on them throughout the shopping journey—from start to finish. 

According to a recent survey from customer experience platform Narvar, "both device ownership and voice shopping activity have nearly doubled" in the past six months. Indeed, the company saw a 42% increase in device ownership among US online shoppers, as well as a 41% increase in consumers using the device to shop. 

Of the many ways voice-enabled users shop, researching products is the top use case, cited by 51% of respondents. That isn't too surprising—consumers love to do their research before committing to a purchase. But 20% of shoppers said they use a smart speaker to provide ratings or reviews, which is likely easier to do than typing it on their computer or phone. 

And 30% of those polled said they use a voice-enabled device to track a package, while 17% use the technology to reorder items. 

Narvar's figures are in line with other surveys, like a February 2018 one from Delineate, which found that over a third of US voice-enabled speaker owners have purchased grocery or toiletry items at least once. Similarly, a November 2017 survey from Capgemini revealed that more than one-third of virtual assistant users in Western Europe and the US bought a consumer product or retail item using a smart speaker

And adoption is certainly going to expand. In fact, we estimate that the number of US voice-enabled digital assistant users will grow to 75.5 million by 2019, up from 69.0 million this year. 

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