Data Feed: March 9, 2018

Data Feed: March 9, 2018

Key stats you need to know about today

Listening More: A study from Pew Research Center looking at book consumption habits found that the use of audiobooks is growing. While print books are still the main format for reading, "there has been a modest but statistically significant increase in the share of Americans who read audiobooks, from 14% in 2016 to 18% in 2018."

Social Commerce: A Cowen and Company survey of US internet users shed light on the current state of social commerce. All social platforms have influence on purchase behavior, and (no surprise) more so among younger users. Facebook and Instagram were cited almost equally (30% vs. 29%) as the social networking sites where respondents bought a product they discovered on the platform.

AR Growth: According to to Research and Markets, the augmented reality (AR) market is valued at $11.14 billion this year, and is expected to grow to $60.55 billion by 2023. "The increasing demand for AR devices in healthcare, growing demand for AR in retail and ecommerce, and rising investment in the augmented reality market are the major drivers for the augmented reality market," it said.

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