Data Feed: March 7, 2018

Data Feed: March 7, 2018

Key stats you need to know about today

AI Elements: Many people report using products and services that feature artificial intelligence, according to Gallup research. More than eight in 10 US adults surveyed in September–October 2017 said they use navigation apps that feature elements of the technology, and nearly half (47%) said they use digital personal assistants on their smartphone.

Open to Reviews: Data from BabyCenter and Collage Group reveals that a fair number of Gen Z mothers (27%) and millennial mothers (25%) trust reviews. However, Gen Z mothers are less likely to trust consumer reviews on Amazon than their millennial counterparts.

New Milestone: Tencent's WeChat has reached 1 billion users. But according to CNN, the company will have a hard time adding another billion. While WeChat has amassed a fan base, particularly in China, the messaging platform "has struggled to win over large numbers of users outside its home market."

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