Data Feed: March 6, 2018

Data Feed: March 6, 2018

Key stats you need to know about today

No Connection: A January 2018 survey of US adults from Pew Research Center reveals that 11% of respondents don't use the internet. Of that group, and not surprisingly, older respondents (those ages 65 and over) are more likely to not use the internet than their younger cohorts.

Interactive Gaming: More users are getting into interactive story games, like "What's Your Story?" "Episode" and "Choices." These are games that "similar to tuning in for a new TV episode ... attract people back into the action," according to research from Apptopia, which also found that these types of games attract younger audiences.

AI Sentiment: The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to change daily—some consumers are worried about it, while others aren't. In a new study from Fluent LLC, it's the latter. In fact, when asked how AI will impact their personal life, more than half of US consumers surveyed said it'll have no impact. And when it came to whether they would rather see AI technology advancement speeding up or slowing down, roughly two-thirds had no opinion on the matter.

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