Data Feed: December 6, 2017

Key stats you need to know about today

Purchase-Ready: Consumers in the US are opening up their wallets for big items. A recent survey from TD Bank found that 73% of those surveyed had spent $500 on a single purchase within the past year. The poll also found that millennials were the most likely to say they shopped online "all the time," and also showed more brand loyalty than Gen Xers or baby boomers.

Media Hungry: New figures released by PQ Media found that global media exposure and consumption is expected to hit an average of 50 hours per week this year, up 1.9% from 2016. PQ Media's tally included both digital and traditional media. However, the firm reported that digital media usage alone is expected to climb 10.1% this year, making up nearly one-quarter of all global media usage.

App Spending Up: Consumers across the globe will spend more than $110 billion across all mobile app stores in 2018, according to App Annie. That's a 30% bump from 2017's expected figure. Most of that money will be generated by games, but in-app subscriptions are beginning to grab a growing share of app-derived revenues.

Home-Bound: An analysis of newly released US Census Bureau data showed that more than half (55%) of 18- to 24-year-olds in the country still live in their parents' household. In addition, the percentage of those ages 25 to 34 hit an all-time high of a little more than 16%, up significantly from a low of 10.2% reached in 2003.

Mobile Holidays: According to Namogoo's analysis of several hundred million web sessions across top retail sites, smartphones made up 55% of total ecommerce traffic on Black Friday, while the devices accounted for 48% of such traffic on Cyber Monday. However, ad fraud remains a problem for such shoppers. The firm reported that about three in 10 shopping sessions suffered from unauthorized ad injections on both days.

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