Data Feed: December 22, 2017

Data Feed: December 22, 2017

Key stats you need to know about today

Next Level Shopping: A recent study from AI-driven technology company Connekt finds that a large share of US consumers say they would shop via their TVs if that were an option. In fact, nearly two-thirds said they would be most likely to buy something featured in a commercial, while roughly a third said they would be more inclined to buy something featured on a TV show.

Retail Scorecard: Walmart, Target and Best Buy are recording the highest ad awareness levels among consumers, according to YouGov. The data found that more than half (54%) of all US adults have seen a Walmart ad within the past two weeks, while 48% have seen a Target ad. Best Buy wasn't too far behind, with some 40% of consumers seeing an ad from the retailer in the past two weeks.

Prime Holiday Shopping: According to CNBC's "All-America Economic Survey," nearly three-quarters of US online consumers will do a majority of their holiday shopping via Amazon. Walmart was a distant second, with only 8% of respondents saying it would be their primary shopping site, according to the survey.


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