Data Feed: December 13, 2017

Data Feed: December 13, 2017

Key stats you need to know about today

Digital Dollars: According to figures from Forrester, the year-over-year growth rate for global online advertising hit 29.6% in the third quarter, up from between 23% and 25% over the preceding six quarters. Forrester reported that Google accounted for 40% of the increase in online ad spending among the 13 companies tracked. In addition, the firm reported that Snap's share of global ad spending for the quarter was a minuscule 0.5%.

Data Conundrum: We're swimming in data, but the challenge of how to best use it remains a problem for many. Pitney Bowes polling of business professionals worldwide found that 46% purchased third-party data, and 85% believed such information helped them to make informed business decisions. But nearly all respondents said they found data hard to acquire for reasons such as high cost, reliability and finding the right data in an open market.

Mobile Pay Plays: Mobile payments are finding their niche—in restaurants. First Data Corp. reports that the use of mobile payments in the US restaurant sector grew by 75% in 2017. The firm reported that adoption of mobile payments was fastest among customers of quick-service restaurants, and it expected that as much as 10% of fast-food sales might be made on mobile devices within a few years.

Think of the Children: Two-thirds of US parents are worried that their kids are addicted to electronic devices, according to a recent survey from GBA Strategies and unGlue. The poll found that three-quarters of parents wished devices would not intrude on family time, and more than half said their children often turn to devices during those occasions, such as meals. The parents surveyed guessed that their kids spent an average of 4.9 hours per day with some type of electronic device.

Netflix Tidbits: In a year-end recap, Netflix reported that its worldwide users watched an average of more than 1 billion hours of content per week in 2017. The firm also revealed that January 1 was the biggest streaming day of the year, and Mexico had the highest number of subscribers who used the service every day.