Data Feed: April 4, 2018

Data Feed: April 4, 2018

Key stats you need to know about today

Gaming at Work: About 35% of gamers ages 18 to 25 play video games at work at least once a month, according to a survey by Limelight Networks. The survey, which polled 3,000 gamers worldwide, showed that nearly 9% of respondents said they play games at work on a daily basis. The takeaway for employers—lost productivity.

Social Influence: A new study from Fullscreen and MediaScience that tracked how 128 participants ages 13 to 24 responded to influencer videos—like those on YouTube—found that while viewing this content, their eyes were on the screen 93% of the time.

Online Ordering Grows: Food delivery is growing, both in sales and in usage. Over the past five years, delivery sales have grown 20% and visits by 10%, according to The NPD Group. These increases were driven by online ordering, which now makes up over half of all delivery orders (phone orders still represent 49% of the total). In terms of individual meals, growth of dinner deliveries has been flat, while increases have occurred for meals that used to be less commonly delivered: breakfast and lunch. 

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