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Time Spent and Ad Spending Estimates, 2016-2022

About This Report
This StatPack provides all the relevant data from eMarketer quantifying consumer media time and digital ad spending in Canada.

Our latest forecasts for consumer time spent with media and ad spending shows a mature digital advertising ecosystem in Canada. For years, consumer digital time outpaced a commensurate investment by advertisers in digital ad channels. In other words, ad dollars continued to funnel into traditional formats like TV and print, even if measurement fell short of what digital formats could deliver. Our latest data highlights that digital ad growth—particularly mobile—is driving overall ad spending in Canada, putting the level of digital spending in balance with consumers’ digital time.

The following topic areas are covered in this StatPack:

  • Heavy consumer reliance on digital tools, based on our forecast for consumer time spent with media, including traditional and digital formats. Our traditional formats forecast includes TV, radio and print (including newspapers and magazines). Our digital forecast details time spent on PCs and laptops, and mobile formats including feature phones, smartphones and tablets.
  • The decade-long shift of ad dollars from traditional to digital formats, as illustrated by our ad spending estimates by media. These include total ad spending across traditional formats and digital formats such as search, display, mobile and video.
  • The massive impact of automated channels on digital display, based on our in-depth review of programmatic ad spending in Canada. This includes shares for real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic direct, the two primary methods of programmatic transacting, as well as RTB shares between open vs. private marketplaces. This forecast also covers spending by programmatic format including digital video and mobile vs. desktop.


































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