The Age of Ethical Customer Experience—An interview with Acxiom’s chief client officer Tate Olinghouse | Sponsored Content | One-on-One Interview | On-Demand

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Understanding is key to building any genuine relationship. And for today’s consumers, being understood is essential. For brands, data can provide critical understanding—which kindles trust among target consumers.

Watch as Tate Olinghouse, chief client officer of Acxiom, discussed how the proper and ethical use of data can help brands interact with their customers in a meaningful way, and more, with Geoff Ramsey, co-founder of eMarketer.

Tune in and learn:

  • Why brands that champion customer trust will remain at the forefront
  • How the role of identity will influence the future of marketing
  • What data ethics, governance, and consumers’ view on data sharing mean for advertisers

Featured Guest:

Tate Olinghouse is chief client officer for financial services, insurance, healthcare and government at Acxiom. As part of the executive team, Tate manages a portfolio of globally recognizable brands and drives customer satisfaction by leveraging Acxiom’s solutions and capabilities to solve top client problems. Additionally, he oversees the creation and execution of global go-to-market strategies for the verticals he serves. The hallmark of Tate’s client-centric teams is engaging with accounts in noticeably strategic and creative means to fuel their business and marketing operations.


Geoff Ramsey is co-founder of eMarketer. He is on the cutting edge of consumer trends and marketing best practices in a digital, multichannel world—and he knows how to command an audience. Through his dynamic, high-energy keynotes at industry events worldwide, Geoff consistently wows audiences by weaving together an objective view of market numbers with a powerful narrative, explaining the critical implications for marketers—and he even has a sense of humor.

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