December 11, 2019

Share of Total Content Created for Each Stage of the Customer Journey According to B2C Marketers Worldwide, July 2019 (% of total)


B2C content marketers were asked the percent of content created in the last 12 months for each stage of the customer journey. Responses include top-of-the-funnel, mid-funnel, late-stage, post-sale and other.


Data is from the December 2019 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs report titled "B2C Content Marketing 2020 - Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends." 1,798 B2C marketers worldwide from various industries were surveyed online during June-July 2019. Respondents were made up of lists from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs with online survey hosting, data collection and tabulation provided by Readex Research. Respondents were from companies that are for-profit organizations, primarily selling products/services to companies (B2C) and have used content marketing for at least one year and they are a content marketer involved with the content marketing function and/or someone to whom content marketing reports. Respondents are located in Australia (3%), Canada (8%), India (5%), UK (2%), US (64%) and other (18%) in companies with a number of employees of fewer than 10 (29%), 10-99 (20%), 100-999 (21%) or over 1,000 (30%) in organizations with an industry classification of agency (11%), education (10%), financial services (11%), healthcare/medicine/pharma/life sciences (5%), manufacturing (5%), professional services (6%), retail/ecommerce (11%), travel/tourism/hospitality (5%) or other (29%) with a job title of advertising/PR/communication management (8%), content creation/management (30%), corporate/executive management (16%), general management (3%), marketing management (23%), marketing operations (5%) or other (15%). Survey methodology changed in 2019 with respondents being asked to confirm their content marketing role and whether their company has used content marketing for at least one year.