July 23, 2019

Digital Video Ad Performance Metrics in Europe: Ad View Share, by Device and Content Length, Q1 2019 (% of total ads served by FreeWheel)


This chart shows the view share of video ads in Europe, broken down by device and ad length. The devices listed are connected TV, desktop, smartphone, tablet, and set-top box/video-on-demand.


Data is from the July 2019 FreeWheel "Q1 2019 Video Marketplace Report." Data is based on tens of billions of video starts via the FreeWheel platform on desktop, OTT devices, set-top box video-on-demand (VOD), smartphone and tablet (including in-app and browser) in Europe and the US during Q1 2019. The data represents only professional, rights-managed video content from FreeWheel's customers. FreeWheel works with digital pure-play publishers (e.g., Hulu, Netflix, YouTube), digital video content (e.g., broadcasters, cable networks, cable and satellite operators) and linear TV.