November 16, 2017

Weekly Time Spent with Select Media/Devices Among US Consumers, Q2 2017 (hrs:min)


Live and DVR/timeshifted TV includes live viewing and any playback within the measurement period. DVR/timeshifted TV is playback primarily on a DVR but includes DVD recorders, server-based DVRs, services like Start Over and video-on-demand. Connected TV devices (DVD, game console, multimedia device) ... include content being viewed on the TV screen through these devices and when these devices are used for any purpose. Reach for connected TV devices includes those viewing at least 1 minute within the measurement period. Multimedia devices is a combination of usage of internet-connected devices viewing source (includes Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, smartphone) and audio-video viewing sources (includes desktops/laptops, karaoke machines, security/digital cameras, tablets, video camcorders) that are regularly connected to a TV set. AM/FM radio includes listening to HD radio broadcasts, internet streams of AM/FM radio stations and satellite radio. All internet figures are weekly or monthly averages over the course of the quarter. The audience for video on a desktop/laptop is a subset of internet on a desktop/laptop. Nielsen's Electronic Mobile Measurement (EMM) is an observational, user-centric approach that uses passive metering technology on smartphones to track device and app usage as an opt-in convenience panel. Results are reported out through Nielsen Mobile NetView 3.0. There are approximately 9,000 smartphone and 1,300 tablet US panelists across both Android and iOS smartphone devices.More

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