eMarketer Webinars

eMarketer is pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk presentation featuring Mahmoud Arram, co-founder and CTO at Bluecore and William Bonnell, Customer Engineering Manager at Google. While there are many factors that contribute, Mahmoud and William will discuss the heart of the issue: The CMO-CIO relationship and whether or not they are able to create true synergy between their respective organizations.

eMarketer moderates a Tech-Talk Tuesday presentation featuring Haylee Adkins, vice president of strategy and customer success at Drawbridge. Haylee will discuss the successful approaches brands are taking today to adopt and execute a multi-resolution approach to targeting and attribution.

eMarketer moderates a Tech-Talk Tuesday presentation featuring Mike Madden, Head of Commercial Demand Generation at Marketo. He discusses the actionable takeaways from implementing bounce management campaigns to segmentation strategies for higher deliverability and click-through rates.

eMarketer moderates a Tech Talk Tuesday presentation featuring Ari Paparo, CEO and co-founder of Beeswax. Ari discussed the current challenges of programmatic optimization, and how to shift your approach in order to truly maximize the value of your programmatic strategy.

In this Meet the Analyst webinar, eMarketer principal analyst Jillian Ryan explores insight and best practices for B2B marketers and sellers to create and share content with their audience across the entire life cycle; from the top of the funnel, through purchase and even as part of the renewal stage.

eMarketer moderates a Tech Talk Tuesday presentation featuring Jason Simon, senior vice president of sales, and Amit Deshpande, senior vice president of analytics, at Epsilon. Jason and Amit discuss how to see your potential and current customers beyond their interactions with your brand.

Introducing our new Live Analyst Video Series, exclusive to eMarketer customers.

Join us for an upcoming Meet the Analyst webinar, featuring eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman, as he discusses how these digital natives have become experts at developing innovative products, building culturally relevant brands, and hacking their way to growth.

In this Meet the Analyst webinar, eMarketer senior analyst Jillian Ryan discusses how to deepen the business relationship and partnership with customers that companies already have. She'll provide an overview of how B2Bs should calculate customer value, and what teams need for a successful customer growth strategy.

In this Tech Talk webinar presentation, you'll learn which product content can improve discoverability, conversion rates, and grow market share for your brand. We'll also share insight from leading brands and more than 30 million product pages to show how you can create a successful product content strategy and win on the highly competitive digital shelf.

eMarketer is pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Tuesday presentation for our EMEA audience featuring Paul Murrell, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Boxever. Paul will share the steps needed to unleash decisioning and 1:1 personalisation in your organisation.

eMarketer moderates a Tech-Talk Tuesday presentation with Origami Logic’s expert panel, where you can examine these research findings and discover how Diageo’s in-house programmatic team, is working to find better, faster and simpler ways to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman discusses what to expect for the US retail and ecommerce markets, and highlights the 10 key trends that will have the biggest impact on shopper behavior and retailer performance in the year ahead

eMarketer moderates a Tech Talk Tuesday presentation featuring Craig Peasley, director of product marketing at Adobe. Craig discusses how D2C companies are optimizing and running their entire businesses based on real-time insights across every step of the customer’s journey.

eMarketer's Live Analyst Series: Global Digital Ad Spending 2019

Digital will account for 50.1% of total media ad spending in 2019, reaching the halfway mark for the first time.

eMarketer moderates a Tech Talk Tuesday presentation featuring Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CEO of Braze. Bill discusses how to deliver value and invest in the stewardship of direct customer relationships above all else with a focus on what's next for email.

In this Tech Talk Tuesday presentation, Marketo’s Head of Commercial Demand Generation, Mike Madden, breaks down the powerful use cases of triggered campaigns, from scoring specific actions and prioritizing leads for sales to creating timely emails from website visits.

In this Meet the Analyst webinar, we explore how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are disrupting core marketing and advertising functions. During this webinar, we'll discuss how to navigate the wide array of solutions and avoid potential pitfalls, including five best practices for using AI in your company’s operations.

In this Tech Talk Tuesday webinar, we discuss the strategy and capabilities that companies use to realize significant and sustainable ROI growth from personalization. You’ll learn how to lay the foundation for personalization, maximize opportunity and accelerate growth with AI to set your brand apart from competitors.

In this on-demand Meet the Analyst Webinar, eMarketer senior analyst Mark Dolliver, shares what digital marketers can expect, and insight on how to prepare your strategy for the year ahead. Topics discussed include digital’s reinvention of physical retail, voice technology, social media and more.