Digital health gets a new AI unicorn as health leaders bet on AI for clinical admin: Iodine Software just became the latest healthcare AI unicorn via a private equity investment—growth we expect to continue as provider orgs look to run a tighter ship with their finances.

Health systems jump into the cloud to make digital healthcare more accessible: UC Davis Health partnered with AWS to roll out a digital health innovation center focused on health equity—we unpack why it matters and why more health systems may flock to AWS.

We unpack how companies like it are growing fast, along with the musculoskeletal care market, making them good targets for telehealth firms.

Noticing gaps in accessibility, SmileDirectClub went to market to offer affordable, wide scale orthodontic care in the US before going global. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on D2C with SmileDirectClub CMO John Sheldon to hear how the brand’s goals were achieved by focusing on customer relationship management and a retention strategy rooted in telehealth.

CVS revealed a $1B plan to close 900 retail stores and add primary care services to the remaining—we unpack why consumers are flocking to retail health and what CVS and Walgreens are doing to gain their trust.

Despite Peloton's recent losses, the company still boasts the most popular piece of smart fitness equipment among US adults, with 32% owning Peloton devices.

The US leads health tech funding by leaps and bounds—here’s why: We unpack why US digital health funding dollars are around 8X higher than countries like the UK and China, and what it means for international digital health startups.

On today's episode, we discuss what it would be like to have a doctor checking on you all the time, what devices are most likely to be used for remote patient monitoring, and the "quantified self" movement. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Lisa Phillips.

Samsung Medical Center is becoming certified under HIMSS’ global standard for digital health transformation—we unpack why this could help it capture more health system and hospital customers.