Feds: 'Cryptos are securities. Change my mind.' December 6

Mainstreaming of digital asset adoption won’t happen without regulation and compromise.

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Marketers are taking data collection into their own hands: Recent privacy changes have led brands to use incentives like sweepstakes and discounts to gain consumer info instead of relying on Big Tech companies.

Despite higher interest in credit cards, customers are paying off their balances faster, which could complicate issuers’ profitability goals.

A PYMNTS report outlines how banks and third-party financial services companies can remove an impediment to winning over consumers’ trust by improving data-consent processes.

In an increasingly digital world, we’re now seeing a range of regulatory changes to protect consumers and ensure an optimal digital experience. While data privacy may seem daunting on the surface, marketers can take action to ensure they are aligned with all of these privacy measures.

Healthcare consumers’ secret superpower: The online review. New data shows consumers rely on online reviews to make their healthcare decisions. We unpack what that means for digital health providers.

Many jobs in the US are tied to health insurance, which in turn is tying many workers to their jobs.

On today's episode, we discuss which shopping channel will make the biggest splash in 2022, where augmented reality will be, and how much online shopping will grow next year. We then talk about Heinz's limited edition plantable labels and whether people will pay $700 for an A&W jacket. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Suzy Davidkhanian.