Snapchat's Q1, how social media behaviors evolved, and Facebook's new ad offerings May 5

On today's episode, we discuss the highlights from Snapchat's user growth and revenue picture in Q1. We then talk about Snapchat integrating a fashion recommendation company into its app, how social media behaviors have evolved because of the pandemic, and Facebook's latest ad offerings. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson and forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Nazmul Islam.

Wealthsimple has secured $559M in funding at a $3.7B valuation thanks to the success of its retail trading and new crypto and P2P money transfer products. The Canadian fintech should now roll out customized portfolio options to double down on growth.

Virgin Money boosts UK SMB lending experience with partnership: The UK bank’s latest fintech team-up demonstrates a focus on pivoting to post-pandemic customer retention.

The pandemic not only altered consumers’ shopping behaviors, but it also changed how they pay for goods and services.

Scroll on, Twitter: The platform's acquisition of ad-free news startup Scroll is the latest in its effort to build out enough features and content to feasibly sell paid subscriptions to its users.

Sony integrates Discord: Two weeks after Microsoft’s efforts to buy Discord crumbled, Sony announced an investment in and partnership with Discord that will embed it in its gaming services.

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On today's episode, we discuss what stood out the most about Google's Q1 performance. We then talk about what kind of ad recovery we expect this year and why Google is in hot water again, as well as look at some survey data about third-party cookie doomsday. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Eric Haggstrom.