Goldman joins the race to launch a crypto ETF July 28

The bank filed an application to launch an ETF comprising crypto-related firms, but we’ll likely have to wait a few months until such a product is on the market.

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Facebook earnings: The company's Q2 earnings could shed light on the effects of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, but it’s still on track to clear $100 billion in revenues by the end of the year.

China’s efforts to roll out a CBDC could create more competition for mobile payment giants like Ant and Tencent, which are already under serious regulatory scrutiny.

Trips to the bank have shifted from the default way to bank to something done only when absolutely necessary. Banks should optimize physical locations to meet customers’ desire for “more meaningful experiences.”

Traditionally, linear TV ad buys have used content as a proxy for audience characteristics. Field Garthwaite, co-founder and CEO at video data firm, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss bringing content signals to video advertising, where typically targeting has been based only on audience characteristics or the context of a webpage—which may not match with the content of the video itself.

While Facebook’s digital currency remains MIA, Twitter and Amazon are making their own headway in cryptos—all in a bid to simplify payments on their global platforms.

A job posting suggests the etailer wants to dive into the growing crypto payments space—and perhaps develop a proprietary digital currency—before it falls behind other Big Tech firms.

Starling’s maiden tie-up takes it deeper into lending: The challenger’s £50 million ($64.1 million) deal for specialty lender Fleet Mortgages lets Starling put its deposits to work and takes it into a space that’s not crowded with UK neobanks.

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