The Weekly Listen: The promise of CTV ads, Facebook's retirement plan, and Klarna's 'Virtual Shopping' May 20

On today's episode, we discuss whether connected TV (CTV) ads are living up to the hype, what to make of the Twitter deal being put on hold, what Facebook's retirement plan may be, where Big Tech goes from here, the impact of Klarna's new "Virtual Shopping" service, an unpopular opinion about market cap, some stats about American travelers, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our director of forecasting Oscar Orozco and analysts Paul Verna and Blake Droesch.

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Close to 8 in 10 branding professionals plan on allocating upfront spending to Hulu, per a survey from Peacock and YouTube TV are also major upfront spend magnets with 52% and 49% of branding professionals dishing ad dollars to those platforms, respectively.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Liyia Wu, founder and CEO of ShopShops, about why livestream shopping will take off in the US.

Consumers are trading down to private label brands: That presents an opportunity for retailers such as BJ’s Wholesale Club to use their own brands to demonstrate value and build loyalty.

Research shows that consumers engage with 95% of SMS marketing messages within three minutes of receipt, illustrating the potential of this fast-growing and effective marketing channel.

Honda’s Prologue SUV ushers in its EV transition: The second-largest Japanese carmaker is leaning on American technology to jumpstart its wider electrification efforts with a SUV it designed in VR.

After two years of booming business for tech and media, the industries are now facing a wave of cost-cutting measures like layoffs and shutdowns that signal a focus on profitability but could harm companies’ reputation with prospective employees in an already-tight labor market.

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