The Weekly Listen: Elon's Twitter plans, augmenting our reality, and connected fitness's future May 13

On today's episode, we discuss Elon's pitch deck plans for Twitter, lululemon athletica betting on the future of connected fitness, how to best augment our reality, how fast online checkout should be, what kind of power video podcasts hold, an unpopular opinion about 15-minute grocery delivery, and where Nobel prizes come from. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Evelyn Mitchell, Blake Droesch, and Paul Verna.

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Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks are fighting hard against unionization efforts: While the companies’ aggressive stands aim to protect their bottom lines, doing so could sully their reputation.

In the US, 56% of executives believe AI technology comes with either significant or somewhat significant potential risk. Another 19% view the risk as moderate, while 26% think the threat is minimal. No executive surveyed believes AI is entirely without risk.

In analyzing the media landscape, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is reimagining the future of digital viewership. In this Q&A, the IAB's Eric John, vice president, media center, discussed continuous growth in video advertising and connected TV, why the old model of a million-dollar TV commercial playing once everywhere is gone, and how to make creative work better.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Duncan Blair, SVP of marketing, support and sales at Article, about best strategies to convey to customers the “feel” of products and shoppable video.

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TSMC is raising prices for the second time in a year: The company blames increased costs and expansion. Long-term effects may be loss of business from customers feeling the squeeze.