How Total Media Ad Spend Will Shake Out Around the World Oct 28

Worldwide total media ad spend is expected to record a growth of -4.5% this year to reach $614 billion. This is just slightly up from our previous forecast of -4.9% growth in June 2020, but a sharp contrast to our pre-pandemic estimate of 7.0%.

The Ad Platform: Recapping Retail Media's Year to Date with Bryan Wiener

Ecommerce channel advertising is having a big year, with eMarketer forecasting accelerated growth for 2020. Profitero CEO Bryan Wiener joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss consumers' massive shift to ecommerce, how it's benefited the ad businesses of Amazon and other marketplaces, and what online sellers should consider as they strategize for Q4 and beyond.

Using gaming mechanics, traditional publishers can bolster what has become their central KPI: engagement.

Luxury Goods, a Market Many Consumers in China Shopped for Internationally, Is Now Making Headway Locally

The way consumers in China are shopping for luxury goods is changing amid the pandemic, with more purchases happening locally because of shelter-in-place protocols and travel restrictions.

Unlocking Your Brand’s Omnichannel Power Through D2C Selling | Sponsored Content

While D2C selling can boost revenues, its true power is in its ability to give marketers the insights they need to succeed across channels and replicate success long term.

How Has the Pandemic Affected Our Brick-and-Mortar Holiday Forecast?

Despite what should be historic headwinds, we are projecting marginally positive holiday season growth rates amid unprecedented channel-shifting behavior. In short, ecommerce’s impressive showing this year will make up for a sizable deficit at brick-and-mortar retail.

Is Google a Monopoly, Has It Been Anticompetitive, and Is It Harming Consumers?

eMarketer forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom, principal analyst Nicole Perrin and research analyst at Insider Intelligence Mariel Soto Reyes discuss the US Department of Justice's suit against Google. What are Google and the government's cases? What is a monopoly? What constitutes anticompetitive behavior? And is Google inadvertently harming consumers?

US Entertainment Industry Digital Ad Spending Growth Will Rebound by Over 20% in 2021

This year, digital ad spend in the US entertainment industry will drop by 6.9% to $7.03 billion.

Social Media Didn’t Experience the Pandemic Bump You May Have Expected

Many people turned to social media in recent months to stay connected with friends and loved ones and to share information. But the pandemic didn’t increase the number of people using social networks or messaging apps.

A Deep Dive into the Digital Lives of Internet Users Worldwide

eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Karin von Abrams discusses our Global Media Intelligence Report 2020, which compiles data and insights about internet users’ digital and traditional media usage across 42 countries. This annual project is a partnership between eMarketer and Starcom, and based on research from GlobalWebIndex. Also joining the discussion are Jason Mander, chief research officer at GlobalWebIndex, and Kelly Kokonas, executive vice president of global data strategy, technology and analytics, at Starcom.