Can TikTok triple its ad revenue this year? January 15

TikTok aims to generate $12 billion in ad sales this year: Reaching that goal requires the social video platform to lure more large advertisers.

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Fintechs raised $132 billion in 2021, an all-time high—investors will flood into several hot areas this year, including crypto.

With customer-obsessed brands betting big on personalization at scale, customer experience leaders face urgent decisions on just where, when, and how to place those bets

Both countries are researching the regulatory nuances for a potential CBDC while China and India push ahead with their own CBDCs.

Backed by several FDIC-insured incumbents, USDF has 1:1 redemption with US dollars and runs on a public blockchain. Security and transparency will make good selling points.

On today's episode, we discuss when cable households will dip below 50%, an alternative search engine to Google, clickable podcast ads on Spotify, what the "superest" super app is in the West, the biggest takeaways from CES 2022, some uncommon knowledge about sustainability, where sunglasses originally came from, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst Paul Verna, analyst Blake Droesch, and director of reports editing at Insider Intelligence Rahul Chadha.

Telemundo’s new streaming brand thins the barrier between English- and Spanish-language content: NBCUniversal and Comcast hope Hispanic viewers will turn Peacock’s luck around.

Retail media advertising had a banner year in 2021—one that will be hard to top. Although growth is expected to taper this year, there are several reasons why retailers looking to build their own media networks should take notice.

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TSMC makes big investment to meet surging chip demand: Chip leader looks to spend at least $40 billion to expand production capacity in 2022, before competing chip fabs become operational.