How in-app shopping could change TikTok for marketers May 13

How TikTok shopping would change the app: TikTok is testing a shopping tab, which would make ecommerce more prominent on the app, strengthen its performance marketing options, and maybe get marketers to stop seeing it as just an experimental platform.

The ad market in the UK suffered during 2020, but the decline in spending was only marginal as digital investment took up much of the slack. Indeed, the resilience of digital formats has been palpable amid the pandemic.

On today's episode, we discuss the pandemic challenges that fashion brands are facing, how female digital buyers have changed, and how social media strategies are evolving. We then talk about how engagement with brick-and-mortar retail is changing, how Walmart+ stacks up against Amazon Prime, how significant a problem porch piracy is, and whether in-garage delivery is the solution. Tune in to the discussion with director of marketing and ecommerce at Cloe Raquel Garduño Arroyo, eMarketer director of research Matteo Ceurvels, and analyst at Insider Intelligence Daniel Keyes.

The insurtech achieved a $2 billion valuation following a mega-raise with participation from Jay-Z, and it should add a B2B offering to profit from insurers’ own digitization efforts.

eBay rolls out lending to UK SMBs: The ecommerce giant is partnering with embedded finance platform YouLend to extend loans to its sellers—giving the former a chance to make itself stickier for platform sellers and the latter access to data and loan growth.

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