Later-stage funding rounds dominate maturing UK fintech sector September 17

Established fintechs are increasingly commanding funding—and the space’s maturation will herald more exits and pressure from investors to demonstrate a path to profitability

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Advertisers aren't confident that their digital ads are working: A shift to digital channels in 2020 coincided with changes to tracking and privacy that have shaken advertiser faith.

The partnership lets JPMorgan increase revenues and processing volume through Alibaba’s vast business—helping the bank further build out its wholesale payments unit.

More than half of US adults were first taught about investing by either themselves or nobody.

In every continent except Oceania, Android accounts for a greater share of smartphone web traffic than iOS.

On today's episode, we discuss Facebook's new Ray-Ban smart glasses, whether time spent on TikTok actually surpassed YouTube, what branded gaming on Roblox looks like, how to get noticed as a marketer, whether selling Super Bowl ads early is a good move, how to make friends while working from home, how two people reversed climate change in their hometown, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst Suzy Davidkhanian, director of reports editing Rahul Chadha, and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

Nearly 10 years after the failed Google Glass launch, Facebook and other device makers are trying, once again, to make smart glasses mainstream.

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Groww is in talks for a new raise that would triple its valuation to $3B as investors eye huge user acquisition opportunities for local fintechs.