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US Simultaneous Media Users: eMarketer's Estimates for 2017

eMarketer Report

By: eMarketer

Published: November 06, 2017

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Executive Summary

US consumers are spending more time with their digital devices than ever before, and that holds true while they’re already watching something else. eMarketer estimates 177.7 million adults will regularly use a second-screen device while watching TV this year, an increase of 5.1% vs. 2016.

  • As individuals spend more of each day digitally connected, simultaneous media use will rise. As always, consumers want to fit as much into their day as possible, and multitasking during TV is often how that’s accomplished. By 2019, 193.5 million US adults will access the internet during TV viewing at least once a month.
  • Some 162.6 million people will use smartphones as a second-screen device while watching TV in 2017. This is much higher than the 110.5 million simultaneous users expected for desktop/laptops. The number of people using a desktop/laptop and TV set at the same time will be roughly flat during the forecast, due to declines in overall PC use.
  • Every month, 46.2 million adults will access at least some digital content that is related to what they are watching on TV. A much larger group, 131.5 million, will look only at unrelated content. These individuals are often texting, using social media or shopping and buying as they watch TV.
  • Data from Maru/Matchbox and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) suggests second-screen use is higher during traditional TV viewing (81%) than during digital video streaming (72%). This may indicate that viewers are more willing to pay attention to content they select, or perhaps that second screens are being used during commercials, which are more likely to appear during traditional TV viewing.

"At least 177.7 million US adults will go online while watching TV monthly in 2017. Driven by smartphone adoption, this number will rise to 193.5 million by 2019."

Table of Contents

Simultaneous Media Overview

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5 charts are included in the full report:

US Simultaneous Media Users: eMarketer’s Estimates for 2017

US Adult Simultaneous Internet & TV Users, 2015-2019 (millions and % change)

Simultaneous Media Overview

US Adult Simultaneous Internet & TV Users, by Device, 2015-2019

A Closer Look at TV Viewing Habits

US Connected TV Users, by Device, 2016-2021 (millions)

Activities Conducted by US Connected TV* Users While Watching TV, by Age, March 2017 (% of respondents in each group)

US Adult Related-* vs. Unrelated-Content** Simultaneous Internet & TV Users, 2015-2019 (millions and % change)

A Quick Look at Time Spent with Media

Level of Attention that US Multidevice Users Pay to Devices While Viewing Traditional TV vs. Digital Video*, by Device, March 2017 (% of respondents)